Why an affair can save your relationship

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Unfaithful couple

If your marriage is stuck and your sex life has become dull and uninteresting, a secret affair could save your relationship and give it back its spark.


Maybe your partner is too busy and has forgotten to indulge you, perhaps you have a higher sex drive than your partner – or maybe your partner doesn’t even turn you on. There are many reasons for having an affair.

An affair can save your relationship
Most people know the feeling. When relationships become a routine, the everyday-life is gray and dull and your sex life is trivial or non-existent. The love towards your partner and the confidence in your relationship makes it difficult for you to end it – but still, something is missing. Sometimes, only minor thrills to “spice up” the day are missing – the butterflies in your stomach and the feeling of love in the air. Sometimes, an affair can help give you these incredible thrills back. It can help regain the spark and even save a relationship that might otherwise be broken.

The feeling of being special
Nowadays, most of us are too busy and easily forget each other. If one party is working too much or is too stressed, the other feels neglected and betrayed. If you feel like you haven’t been admired or desired for a longer period of time, you easily fell hurt, put aside, and with low self-esteem. An affair can get a man to feel like a man again and give the woman a feeling of being special.

Greater sex drive
In some relationships, one party has a naturally greater sex drive than the other. If your counterpart doesn’t meet your needs, alternatives sometimes need to be found elsewhere. Hence, an affair can also be a way to satisfy the most fundamental human needs, and it doesn’t have to be because your partner doesn’t turn you on.