What is a Cuckquean?

This is simply the gender reverse of a cuckold, meaning it’s a woman in a relationship or marriage who gets sexual enjoyment out of watching her man have sex with another woman.

If you’re thinking about becoming a Cuckquean, there are a few things to consider about the fetish before getting started. We’ve done the hard part of compiling research so all you have to juggle is your own moral compass.

  • Simply because the idea raises your eyebrow is not enough of a reason to try it. Bringing another person into a committed relationship is a huge step and could ruin a couple if done without enough thought prior.

  • Some couples may decide flirting with someone else in front of their partner or even watching cuckquean porn together is enough for them.

  • Discuss what exactly the encounter will look like thoroughly with everyone involved to be certain you’re all on the same page. This helps you avoid having any awkward moments or unwanted situations arise later on.

  • While this is consensual and agreed upon it is also permanent. Once you’ve watched your partner have sex with someone, you can’t unsee that. If you decide you’re not really into the idea after it’s already happened, what are you going to do if your partner still wants to keep doing it?

  • Alternatively, the man could also find himself not feeling good about his place in this situation. The more you and your partner discuss prior to getting someone else involved, the closer you are to assuring no feelings get hurt.

There’s a lot to mull over when deciding to change the definitions in your relationship, but it’s not something that can’t be researched and figured out. It’s not for everyone, but neither is a traditional committed relationship.

What is this fetish all about?

For many, having sex with someone else is a deal breaker, but for a cuckold or a cuckquean, it is purely physical and they trust their partner enough to share this experience.

You and your partner are the only ones who can fully realise what your love is capable of handling and define what sex means for you. The most important aspect of trying any new sexual conquest is having an open and honest conversation about it first.

The fetish has aspects from both voyeurism and S&M, but also has many individuals feeling hot and heavy due to the fact that being with someone outside of a committed relationship is “naughty” and considered sexual deviation.

Know the facts and figure out if there is a suppressed Cuckquean waiting to get out of you!

Taking Your Role

Being a cuckquean is all about the fantasy of deceit, depravity, and erotic humiliation. But it is all done with the consent and presence of your husband or boyfriend. You and your lover will plan the charade and pick the third party together.

Since in a “cuckold” relationship, the girl takes a dominating position, now that the gender is reversed, so are the roles.

The Girl - Is aware of her husband’s actions but is submissive, only joining the sexual encounter if her spouse permits. She can remain neutral or actively encourage the behavior, but derives sexual pleasure from knowing that it’s going on.

The Guy - The husband or boyfriend takes the dominant role. This can go several different ways. The man may choose to be forgiving and sweet to his wife, allowing her to participate in the activities.

On the alternative side, he and the third party may humiliate or exclude her to whatever extent they initially agreed upon.

Third Party - This lucky lady gets to pop into a kinky and intimate encounter with a couple for just long enough to get her rocks off, and then leave the situation scotch free.

No matter what potential damage the event caused between the couple, the third party gets to make a check on her to-do list and move on with her life. For that reason, this is the most coveted position in the situation, because except for unsatisfying sex or a weird rash, it’s risk free.

Set Your Boundaries

Discuss what limits each of you have, if any, and if you haven’t already made one, make a safe word. This includes individual sex acts, third party participants, or issuing time constraints.

What the encounter looks like is entirely up to the two of you. Once you have decided what you want it to be like and what type of person you’d both like to include, search for your exact specifications on a site like Victoria Milan.

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Speak about the fact that if at any point either of you is no longer feeling the situation, it’s not too late to bail and just bang each other. This is firstly about you and your partner spicing up your sex life, so don’t get it twisted.

New Perspectives

Despite all those opposed, cuckqueaning can bring quite a bit of positivity to a relationship.

First of all, it allows a woman to give her man the ultimate gift of a free pass. The thought has crossed everyone’s mind at least once, but now he gets to have the idea on more than his mind.

Secondly, this submissive act is also an act of complete adoration. Like a fly on the wall, she gets to observe her lover in the primal act of making love, but this time from a totally different perspective. Rather than being concerned with getting off, all her concentration is on you an the nuances of your body movements and facial expressions as you seek gratification with another woman.

Lastly, this couple gets to explore another person together. Whether the woman is physically involved or just watching, both get to know another person’s sexual limits together as they watch her approach climax. This show can be an incredibly intimate moment shared with the couple and can inspire many sex sessions in the future.