Since the 17th century, Swedish women have been pioneers in the feminist movement, and their part in the transformation of gender roles and equality is still going on. Nowadays, movies, news, literature, and even Swedes themselves happily depict Swedish ladies as being sexy blondes with open minds and active sex lives.

It’s not simply the notion that Swedish people are tall, blonde, and beautiful that creates this foreign allure to these women, but, rather, it is rooted in the history of the country itself.

General Foreign Attitude and Partial Misconceptions -

History of Women in Sweden

Even way back in the Viking era, Swedish women differed from most other women at the time. Not only were they tall, beautiful, and blonde, they were immensely strong willed and independent, traits that have remained to today.

They could own land and were able to accept the status of head of the household when their husbands were away, and all of the power and responsibility that the position held.

Even then, as Swedish Women reached adulthood at age 20, obtained freedom to live on her their, could divorce and remarry, hold positions of religious authority, medicine woman, merchant, poet, scribe, and more.

The of “Swedish Sin”

At the dawn of the Sexual revolution, from the early 1950s on, the population’s opinions on traditional barriers such as what is proper versus what is sinful, or what should be public and what private began to change.

The idea that sex is something shared only between married couples with the goal of procreation dissipated and opened people’s minds to the idea that sex is a natural part of life and necessary for adults to be satisfied, healthy, and productive members of society.

American president Dwight D. Eisenhower infamously remarked on the general Swedish population in a speech saying the country’s “sin, nudity, drunkenness and suicide facing Swedish youth could be blamed on their overly liberal welfare and social policies.

Of course, this peaked the interest of quite a few young men in America. The bit about suicide and welfare policies soon faded from memory while the image of a sexually explorative, blonde party girl remained.

Popular films, literature, music, and the media all began depicting women in this way and the illusion, called “Swedish Sin”, has stuck until this day.

What Are Swedish Girls Really Like?

Having been brought up in a liberal and modern society makes Swedish girls confident, successful, and independent. The people are not overly romanticized as many Western countries can be, so they have one of the highest percentages of singles in European countries.

This also leads to high numbers of cohabiting couples and domestic partnerships and lower numbers of marriages. With this in mind, Swedish dating is not pushing toward serious relationships. The goal is to enjoy life and have fun.

Other nations have wrongly categorized Swedes as very sexual, but that’s not the case. They are more open minded about sexuality but they are not easy. An example of this is that Swedish women almost never watch porn, as that, unlike the actual act of sex, isn’t viewed as natural. While sex can be casual, once you are regularly dating, a Swedish woman will assume you’re exclusive, even if you haven’t had “the talk”.

As far as the appearances go, they often are more curvy than foreigners expect from watching movie, and when you try the unique cuisine Sweden has to offer, you’ll understand why. While many of them are blonde, there are many different ethnic backgrounds in Sweden’s large population of immigrants, and thusly many uniquely beautiful Swedish ladies.

Understanding Their Roots -

Sweden’s Rich Geography and Culture

Swedes are a proud people, and to be able to date one, you’re going to have to express interest and respect to their beloved homeland.

The northern half of the Scandinavian country is predominantly coated in lush and wild forests, and the south, is primarily agricultural. This Northern European Nation is nestled in between Finland and Norway, composed of thousands of coastal islands,and adorned with a whopping twelve glittering, glacial mountains.

With it’s many ecosystems, it’s no wonder that nature plays such a large role in Sweden’s inhabitants’ self identity and generally laid-back disposition.

Other highlights:

  • Sweden is home to over 10 million people, with more and more of the population moving from their rural hometowns to urban cities.

  • Native Swedes are mostly of Germanic Descent, however other ethnic groups make up 15% of the population. The dominant ethnic groups are Finn, Sami, Yugoslav, and Iranian.

  • Sweden houses some of Europe’s highest quality of life, government funded health care, and great attention toward education, civil liberties, equality, and human development.

  • The country has remained neutral during wars and has retained peace since 1814.

What You Need to Know to Flirt With Swedish Women

Since all Swedish women are all different, there is no set formula to win their affection but getting to know the average Swedish mindset is a good place to start.

  1. When you meet for plans you’ve made, begin each and every encounter with a Swedish girl with a hug. It’s tradition.

  2. Never ask a girl to go on a “date” with you, this is too formal. Rather, ask her out for “fika” which is basically hanging out and getting to know a person. Bowling, coffee, or an event will all do. Save romantic dates and dinner for when things are more serious.

  3. She’s probably a feminist. Drop all your misconceptions of what a woman can and can’t do and behold her true potential.

  4. Coming from one of the world’s most prosperous countries, she likely has a good job and is proud to support herself, which also means she won’t date scrubs.

  5. While she’ll most likely be pretty formal, she won’t be overly emotional or irrationally making passionate declarations. Don’t expect the dating process to be rushed, she’s here to have fun.

  6. She’s not shy, so you shouldn’t be. If you like her, go talk to her. If she notices you first, she’ll do the same.

  7. Don’t move forward to kissing or intimacy from the initial “fika hugs” unless she’s clearly shown you her feelings have progressed. It’s just too lovey-dovey for a Swedish woman.

  8. For Swedes, it’s uncommon for one person to exclusively pay for dates, so be prepared to split the bill.

  9. Although she may be too proud to accept the offer, stand out from the cold Swedish men by holding the door, pulling her chair out, bringing her flowers. If you offer to pay though, and she doesn’t accept, no means no.

  10. Show her you love Sweden as much as she will by asking her advice on what Swedish dish to try on your next trip there or asking her how she spent her Midsummer.

How to Meet Swedish Girls?

Unless you’re planning an impromptu trip to the beautiful Kingdom of Sweden, you’re going to have to find another way to meet these lovely girls. Rather than sit around and hope you pass one on the street, follow the way of Swedish women and be proactive.

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