Vikki's Top 6 Tips for Women on Victoria Milan

As an avid user of Victoria Milan for the past 2 years I was called upon to put together my top tips for you girls who have been married or otherwise out of the dating game for a while. Follow these 6 simple tips and tricks and discover how easily you can make Victoria Milan work for you.

Profile pictures

Profile pictures are a key element of your profile, in fact they are the MOST important part of your profile. Profiles with public pictures have a response rate +200% greater than those without and a first message rate over 500% higher.

So how does someone who wants to remain discreet and anonymous upload an engaging and attractive profile picture?

Get creative ! Everyone of us has features they are proud of and features they are not so proud of so make sure to highlight your best features whether it be your physique, sense of style, eyes, smile, or lifestyle. In fact you might not even be aware of what your best features even are!

An online polling of men in North America and Europe found that one of the features that women are most attracted to is feet! There are even entire online communities dedicated to "foot fetishes" (I'm not joking). So grab your best pair of heels and show them off. Foot pic's can be one of the most discreet ways to show off and capture attention on Victoria Milan.

And if you don't want to show off your feet maybe it's time to crack out your "little black dress".

When asked what they thought the sexiest item of clothing women wear a black cocktail dress beat out lingerie in a recent poll! so suit up ladies and put your best "face" forward.

A well fitting cocktail dress is so appealing to women that even users who have cropped or blurred their faces have seen their profile views and messages increase dramatically.

And my personal favorite for when you're feeling extra frisky; don your cutest sundress. Men love being teased (not to mention how fun it is to tease them) and if you catch the light in just the right way you can show off just a little bit of what's underneath and drive them wild ;)

Don't be afraid to show off all the progress you made at the gym either. The reason men are starring at you in the gym isn't because they are waiting to use the squat rack it's because you're looking sexy as hell in your yoga pants and tank top! This is also a great way to send subtle messages about your lifestyle as well as attract the right type of attention. Post that cute gym pic you have on Instagram or just throw on some yoga pants and watch men curious to see what it would be like to slowly peel them off you and who knows you might even get a gym partner out of it (who doesn't need a strong spotter).

But remember ladies KEEP IT TASTEFUL! "Less is more" and Victoria Milan's users base has a great deal of more mature, sophisticated, and wealthy men and you don't want to attract the wrong kind of attention from the wrong kind of men! Sophisticated men want what they can't have, peak his interest, subtly insinuate, make him chase you, and set the foundation of a passionate and sensual fling.

Finally, for my more reserved girls out there consider posting a picture that shows off your interests more than just your body. When I first joined Victoria Milan I had a picture very similar to the one below. I was amazed at how many men wrote me about what I was reading, who my favorite author was, and asking for/ offering reading suggestions. Not only was it cute but I managed to sneak away with one guy to his cottage and we both ended up snuggling up with a good book by his fireplace (it was winter and freezing but we found ways to keep warm ;) )

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user name

Let your user name do the talking for you. When men scroll through their search results they see only your profile picture and your user name so make your name count!
Try to be concise but descriptive in your username.

Example: neighborhood + profession/hobby = YorkvilleYogi

Immediately someone scrolling through profiles will know where in the city your located and will have some insight into your profession/ interests. This user is located in a posh part of town and is interested in aviation, he sounds like a good person to join the mile high club with ;)

Example: description + kink = CurvySub

In two seconds men will know that your tall (what woman doesn't love a tall man) and sexually dominate. A name like this is sure to attract submissive women or even just women looking to live out their 50 Shades of Grey fantasy.

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Discretion is KEY

Whether your attached, or married, or single women on Victoria Milan want to know you're discreet and you value/respect both your discretion and hers. The last thing a man wants on Victoria Milan is a someone who is clingy or mistakes a one night stand for an ongoing relationship.

Some men are on Victoria Milan looking for an affair, Some are in open relationships, some are looking for a quick hookup, and some, like me, just find the idea of hooking up with an married people super kinky ;)

but whatever their reason for using Victoria Milan they all want to know their discretion is assured!
Consider, especially if you're single, putting something in your first message that highlights this or even better in your profile description!

Here are some examples that personally put me more at ease in the past:

About You

I am not looking to change my marital status or yours.
I am professional and discretion is very important to me. I am respectful and discreet and expect the same

Verified Profiles

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Be Direct

This is the absolute best part of Victoria Milan ; the users are much more direct, upfront, and honest about what they are looking for and perhaps more importantly, what they are not looking for.

Your profile description is the best place to put this.

You will notice that unlike many traditional dating sites women on Victoria Milan state directly and clearly on their profile what they are seeking and what they are not so don't be afraid to do that same.

Here is an example of one users profile I loved!

"Seeking a fit and friendly partner in crime for a short term fling"

Be playful and don't be afraid of being direct about what you're looking for. The men on Victoria Milan are adults so don't worry about hurting any ones feelings this is all about you - this is your escape and desire!

Some more examples I loved:

"looking for long-term fling with a gentleman over 183 cm"

"staying physically fit is very important to me (yoga, cycling) and it should be to you too"

"NOT looking for a one time fling, seeking discreet romance, excitement, and passion

Safe and Secure

Security and safety are #1 at Victoria Milan. We use 256 bit encryption, the most trusted web services and SSL to keep our users secure!

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Introduction Message

This is a big one. Men, many who have been attached for a long time, are a bit "rusty" in their approach (which at times can be kind of cute in my opinion) so cut them some slack but don't be afraid to block, report, or even scold men who are rude or overly aggressive in their first message.

Remember approach is everything!

As far as your first message goes, pre written messages are your best bet. Take some time and write out a good introduction message but remember leave room to add personal details about the person you're.

Here is an example of a good introduction message:

"Hey , your profile caught my attention.
Particularly what you said about wanting to break the monotony and experience something new and exciting again.
It seems like we are looking for similar things on here maybe we can help each other. I'm open to teaching you how to cook if you're open to teaching me how to drive standard... although you might have your hands full with that one ;)
I would love to know more, let me know if you're interested and we can go from there.

The subtext of this message is:

I am interested in you
This is why!
This is why I think we could be a good match
Here is something interesting about me and how we could have a lot of fun together
I am interested in getting to know you better, "the balls in your court

Remember to keep it light hearted and take the opportunity to make a joke even if it is at your expense and display that you've actually read his profile. With a message like this your response rate is sure to be better than 99% of the messages he's gotten.

Private Gallery

This is my favorite part of Victoria Milan; requesting and receiving access to a guys private gallery and sharing mine.

Your private gallery is where you keep your more risqué photos. You can share them with others and restrict access at anytime.

I can say with all honesty that making my private gallery was one of my favorite things to do on Victoria Milan followed only by the excitement of sharing it and watching a cute guys jaw drop.

Each of you will have your own tolerance in terms of how risqué you want your private gallery to be but the truth is the sky is the limit! Be as risqué or conservative as you'd like and let your creativity and imagination run wild!

If you can, include a face picture. Remember you can always restrict access to your private gallery after. If not then this is where you should keep your pic's that are a bit too sexy for a public profile picture and ones you only want to share with guys you have chemistry with.

Show off your legs, you're sexiest lingerie, you're best yoga pose, or anything you think will drive a guy wild with anticipation.

Personally, I like to tease. My private gallery has pic's that are progressively more and more revealing and leave his imagination running wild. I started with my feet, then my legs (I worked too hard on them not to show them off), then my shortest skirt, and then... well you get the idea.

But remember your private gallery is YOURS and it's up to you to choose how and to what degree you want to show yourself off.

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It's time to meet up!

You're nervous and excited and ready to meet up so what's the best way to do this you ask?

Firstly, do not communicate off the site before meeting! I met a charming guy for coffee but before we met he asked for my phone number and we chatted via text. We met for coffee and he mentioned we went to the same University (although years apart) despite me never mentioning which university I attended...

Turns out he looked me up on Facebook using my phone number!! It was innocent at the time but it was a very real reminder that Victoria Milan has world class security and discretion features in place for a reason. Imagine what a disaster it would be to have you're affair partner add you as a friend on Facebook or be texting you at all hours of the night...

Secondly, in my experience, I have always found it best to pick a neutral but public place to meet.

Somewhere neither of you work or live so you don't accidentally run into someone you might know and somewhere public so you know you're both safe.

For a first meeting I like to keep it simple and grab a coffee or tea.
It's in a public place so she will know she is safe and it will put her mind at ease, It's only a coffee so if by chance you do see someone you know you're "just grabbing coffee with a co-worker/ friend", and its short!

If you meet up and realize that there just isn't any chemistry then no big deal its only a coffee, in 15 minutes you can be on your way and if things are going great you can stick around or head to a bar to grab and drink or a hotel if things are going really well ;)

Listen to your gut before meeting anyone but remember its normal to be a bit nervous. Between Tinder, Badoo, and a million other traditional dating apps women are meeting men via the internet all the time! If you are really nervous I have a fool proof way of making you more comfortable - tell him!

I remember my first meeting with a guy of Victoria Milan. I was very, very, nervous and I had never met a guy off the internet before which didn't help. So do you know what I did? I TOLD HIM!!! and guess what, he was very understanding and told me he was nervous as well. We spoke a bit more and he put my mind at ease and we met for a quick coffee at lunch which turned into a 3 month escapade ;)

So there it is, from A - Z my personal tips for being successful on Victoria Milan. Start putting some or all of these tips into practice and I guarantee you be ten (or at least six) steps ahead of the competition and well on your way to an exciting adventure.

Yours truly,

Leave the Games Behind, Getting Laid has Never Been so Easy

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Leave the Games Behind, Getting Laid has Never Been so Easy

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