Despite having awesome benefits for a committed couple, the profit does not extend to us all. Kissing isn’t for everyone, but the number of men and women choosing to opt out of a lip lock might be growing. Since making out is certainly not getting less fun, nor less advantageous, the trend seems to be growing in response to the swell in casual dating.

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How to Get Away With Sexting at Work

My, how the hours seem to drag along during the work week! Despite keeping busy and applying all your willpower on your ability to focus, after around a half hour of uninterrupted work, the mind begins to wonder. It’s not a weak constitution or even laziness, it’s science.

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Why You Should Have More Sex Today?

As if you needed more to love, there’s more to sex that you don’t know and yet you’ve been benefiting from it all along. In addition to feeling really great, getting laid has more to offer you than you ever expected.

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