Written in the stars! which star signs cheated the most in 2016

  • Data analysis has proven Aquarius is the most sexually charged star sign

  • Taking a Sagittarius as a lover could be rare; they are the most faithful on their long term partners

  • A scorpio’s sting could be a myth - they are the 2nd least likely to cheat

A shocking new study has revealed which star signs were most likely to have cheated on their long-term partners in 2016, and it’s not the star signs usually suspected for straying.

The data analysis, conducted by Victoria Milan – a dating website for married and attached people looking to cheat – dug into the profiles of its 5.8 million actively cheating global members to reveal whether what’s written in the stars is what happens between the sheets.

While Scorpios and Leos popularly believed to be more sexual than other star signs, the survey sample clearly demonstrated they are not among the most likely to cheat.

Aquarius is the most adulterous of the star signs, making up 11.6% of the global cheating population of the site, dabbling in online flirtations and using Victoria Milan to find lovers. It’s hardly surprising, as Aquarius is known for being unpredictable and sometimes perverse.

Second most likely to strike up a steamy love affair is Pisces with 11.5% of cheaters across the world belonging to the star sign known for having a dark side: they can be secretive and easily led astray. As expected from their magnetic personality, Aries brings excitement into people’s lives by being the third most actively cheating star sign with 11.0% of global cheaters members..

Sagittarius is the star sign least likely to cheat, according to the survey sample. Known for being honest and straightforward, it’s no surprise that just 7.1% of Victoria Milan’s actively cheating members share that star sign.

Even though Scorpios are thought to be very sexual, they appear to be more likely to stick with their partner than most other signs with 7.2%. They are the second least likely to engage in online lusting and flirtation. Libra is the third least likely, with just 7.9% of cheaters across the globe sharing that sign.

Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said the data shows that the blood just runs hotter in some people than others:

“The data is consistent across the globe, showing which star signs are more steamy and sexual, and adventurous enough to get out there and explore their urges. They can hardly be blamed for pre-destined lusting – it’s written in the stars!”.

Victoria Milan obtained this data from the profile information of its members. Victoria Milan ensures that all possible measures are in place to protect its members’ identities and privacy.

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