Positive Singles Review – Trustworthy or a Waste of Time? (2022)

positive singles

In the world of dating, finding an undiscovered gem can be the difference between settling down with someone you love and living life alone. Positive Singles is one such page. Despite being a relatively new site, it has had an enormous impact on singles across America while remaining virtually unknown to everyone but them. Having few users means little competition so you can feel confident that your message is getting through to at least some of the people it was intended for. The purpose of Positive Singles is to enable sexually transmitted and sick people to meet. For this reason, we can say that the initial outlook for Positive Singles is already positive. Now we will review the Positive Singles deeply.

positive singles

Positive Singles Overview

For a positive person, finding love is hard enough. Finding love while living with an incurable STD or when you are HIV positive can be even harder. Positive Singles is here to make you feel comfortable and help you find lasting love.

Following the philosophy of leading a positive lifestyle, Positive Singles has been created to help those men and women who are sexually transmitted disease (STD) and/or HIV positive meet other singles who share the same status. These singles don’t have to live with their disease alone anymore because Positive Singles was created for them. This dating site will enable them to find their soul mates on a website dedicated to their needs and interests.

The vision of this site is to help those who want to meet other singles who share the same status do so in a safe environment, protected by a discretional service that won’t reveal their personal information. Furthermore, this service will ensure that only those people who are dedicated to living a healthy life are able to pursue relationships with others on the website.

Positive Singles Pros And Cons



-Lots of people for same purpose

-Easy to use

-Wide variety of features


Limited options with free trial

Positive Singles User Experience Review

In our experience on Positive Singles, I’ve found the interface very easy to use. Instead of the usual drop-down menu or tabs, all the features are listed on the top of the page so you can easily find what you’re looking for. This makes it easy to see everything you can do on the site without having to click around.

The homepage is attractive and inviting with its large profile photos of smiling members, giving it a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Scrolling down reveals more profile photos in smaller windows, along with their user names and how long they’ve been a member of Positive Singles (it’s nice to see how long people have been members).

positive singles review

Positive Singles Users Review

Connecting with someone in this site is easy and it doesn’t take long to actually meet a person face to face. There are many active members in the website at all times so you will always have someone to talk to right away. The site also has an internal messaging system so you can chat privately with anyone in the moment.

The website is free while you can enjoy full access of its features, but there are paid upgrades available if users want more options or if they would like to be able to send messages to everyone instead of being limited by their profile views and only contact those who have viewed their profile first.

Positive Singles Features Review

Positive Singles is a dating site that’s geared towards people in long-term committed relationships looking to expand their social circle. Not only do they have an excellent, intuitive interface and quick load times, but they also have a very wide selection of features that are well-designed and useful. These features are what set it apart from the competition, and we’re going to cover several of them below.

Positive Singles allows you to sort members by sexual orientation, age range, relationship status, location, and appearance—all of which are very important factors in your search for someone to date. You can also filter your search by height and weight, which is especially helpful if you’re open to being with someone taller or heavier than you.

The site also gives you a lot of leeway when it comes to browsing profiles—you can view photos (which are large and clear), read member profiles with high-quality formatting (they look great on mobile devices), leave comments on profiles (which makes it easy to initiate contact), and make notes about any potential matches (which helps when deciding who to contact).

In addition, with detailed profile descriptions in Positive Singles, it allows you to get to know the owner of the profile before you start chatting. Therefore, we can say that it is a very good feature.

The other good thing about Positive Singles is that you can access its application on both Android and IOS markets.

Positive Singles Membership Review

Membership TypeMonth LenghtCost
Premium1 Month$29,95
Premium3 Month$59,95
Premium6 Month$95,95

Considering the price policy of Positive Singles, we can say that it is not very expensive. In addition, the features it offers are quite good. Therefore, Positive Singles is a very good choice in terms of price and performance.

Positive Singles Customer Support Review

Positive Singles has a FAQ section that answers most questions, but you can also contact customer support if you have more inquiries. Their email is [email protected] and they respond to it within 24 hours.

positive singles

FAQ About Positive Singles Review

Is Positivesingles A Safe Site?

Yes, Positivesingles is safe. You’ll find plenty of people who tell you otherwise, and they’re right in some ways—the people who use the site aren’t necessarily the happiest people. But they’re not a threat to you or your safety. With a low number of users, it’s difficult to make the site an ideal place for those looking to find their soul mate. But if you’re just looking for someone to talk to in a supportive environment where everyone’s in the same boat, Positivesingles can be a great place for that.

Is Positivesingles A Hookup Site?

No. The purpose of Positive Singles is to enable sexually transmitted and sick people to meet. There are millions of people around the world who have STDs and STD symptoms, but they don’t want to tell anyone about it. Some of them fear rejection, others are just not sure how to tell a potential partner about their health issues. But this place really helpful to this people!

How Many People Are On Positivesingles?

More than 2.5 million people have joined Positivesingles since its launch in 2001. The demographic structure of Positive Singles is quite balanced. The ratio of men and women is 50% to 50%. Therefore, users will not have difficulty in finding partners.

Is Positivesingles App Free?

Positive Singles is a dating app that helps you find other singles and it’s free to download and use. But you can reach just some features, but also they are useful. The app is available in the App Store and the Google Play Market, so you can get it on any IOS or Android device.

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