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how often do married couples have sex

How Often Do Married Couples Have Sex? – Victoria Milan

The pleasure and happiness of sex are found in very few things. This blissful passion is exciting for almost everyone….

signs a married man is sexually attracted to you

Signs A Married Man Is Sexually Attracted To You – Victoria Milan

A married man caught your attention? Do you think he is interested in you? Married men, especially flirtatious married men,…

narcissist cheating patterns

Narcissistic Love Dilemma: Narcissist Cheating Patterns

Have you ever had a relationship with a narcissistic person? Or have you ever thought that your partner is a…

how to end an emotional affair

How To End An Emotional Affair? – Victoria Milan

When people call the affair the first thing that comes to mind is mentioned is sexual cheating. But cheating doesn’t…

Having High-Quality Sex: Sex Tips For Men

Having High-Quality Sex: Sex Tips For Men

You may think you’re gifted at sex, but you can do more than just be talented. Just being good in…

freaky kinky things in the bedroom

Kinky Love: 12 Things You Can Try With Kinky Women

Kinky sex is a type of sex that falls under the umbrella of BDSM. In fact, we can say that…

How Do Polyamorous Relationships Work

Multiple Lives: How Do Polyamorous Relationships Work?

Although the monogamous relationship model is common today, there are also different types of relationships. Polyamorous relationship type is one…

How To Increase Women's Sex Drive

How To Increase Women’s Sex Drive?

Libido is the hormone that makes your sex drive come out. But if your libido is low, it can be…

what is open relationship

Open Relationship – Victoria Milan

In today’s world, many types of relationships have come to light and they are no longer conducted as secretly as…

Having Sex At Work,Sex At Work

Sex at Work Guide

Having sex at work can sound exciting and sensual. Many people even have sex at work. But having sex at…

financial lies,wife cheats for money

Find Out Your Spouse’s Secrets: What Should You Do If Your Spouse Cheats For Money?

Sometimes marriages don’t go as well as thought and sometimes you run into problems. Financial lies are one of them….

Codependency Vs. Dependency

Relationship Confusion: Codependency Vs. Dependency

Relationships are complex and sometimes a passionate relationship can actually be a harmful one and you may not be aware…

Sexual Orientation

Sexual Orientation Lesson

Sexual orientation may differ from person to person. People do not only consist of male and female gender, but also…


Monogamish: Singular World, Plural Life

Have you heard of the term Monogamish before? Although it may seem like a word you are not familiar with,…

Benefits Of Sex,sex is good

Reasons You Should Have Sex: Benefits Of Sex

Sex and sexuality are natural parts of life. Sex’s non-reproductive purposes include intimacy and enjoyment. Sexual activities such as coitus…

Red Flags In A Relationship

When Should Pull The Handbrake: Red Flags In A Relationship

There is a point in all of our relationships where we need to stop. And we can sometimes overlook these…

When A Woman Loses Interest In Her Husband

We Explained: When A Woman Loses Interest In Her Husband

There are many reasons why women lose their sexual desire, and you may think or realize that they are losing…