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Tinder App, which joins our lives more with the pandemic, enables its users to find partners. Tinder is very popular, especially among young people. And one of the main reasons for this popularity is that it pursues successful policies. Tinder app has been quite successful with its successful advertising policies and modern design.

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Quality Matches7.0/10.0
Ease of Use10.0/10.0

So what exactly is Tinder? And what doyou need to know about Tinder? In today’s article, we answer all the questions about the Tinder app. In this way, you can use Tinder more effectively and learn everything you need to know about it.

What is Tinder?

Tinder was founded in 2012 by Sean Rad and engineer Joe Munoz. At first they preferred the name “MatchBox”. But they noticed that it was quite similar to “Match” and changed the name of the application to “Tinder”. And in May 2012, co-founder Jonathan Badeen joined.

Tinder (App)
Founder:Sean Rad
Founded:2012, Los Angeles, CA
Headquarters:West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States
Type of site:Dating App
Operating system:iOS, Android, and HMS devices
Initial release date:September 12, 2012

After going through the App Store’s approval process in May, steps were taken to start using it. Later, the founders went to various universities and asked students to use it. And this application started to become quite popular over time. In 2013, the developers created the scrolling system. And thanks to this system, the application has become very easy to use.

The Tinder app, which has grown rapidly in 2014 to 2016, has become popular around the world. The “super like” function they developed in 2015 was highly appreciated by users. By 2017, Tinder had completely captured Match Group’s attention.

And Match made a move for it and bought Tinder for $3 billion. Various advertising campaigns were organized with the acquisition of Match. The Tinder app, supported by advertising campaigns, has now become one of the most popular dating apps in the world.

How Does Tinder Work?

Tinder is commonly known as a hookup app. But Tinder advertises itself as a “dating app”. Although there is a conflict, in fact both terms are correct. There are millions of users who use Tinder. And that’s why not everyone uses Tinder for a single purpose. But the purpose of using Tinder actually has only one purpose. Meeting foreign people! This is the area where everyone meets at the common point. Tinder is an app that makes it easy to meet strangers and find a date or partner.

To use Tinder, you must specify your current location, gender, age and date of birth and create a profile. After that, you can see the users that appear. Just swipe right to like these users and left to dislike them. And if another user swipes right too, a match will be caught and you can start chatting.

Tinder previously used the Elo system to match users. The Elo system was used to determine the attractiveness rates of users. This rate was measured by being liked. And the more likes, the higher your Elo. It was a system that also affected your prominence.

However, this situation was not welcomed by the users and this caused them to remove the system. Because not everyone has to be beautiful or handsome, and this is not something that people prefer. For this reason, the Elo system, which offers an unfair environment, was removed in 2019. And he shared a piece of content on the Tinder app blog about this topic. In this content, they stated that they do not trust Elo systems, but that user Likes should still be taken into account.

According to the Tinder app, more active users stand out more and match you with other active users. Tinder doesn’t care about data like race or income, but makes matches based on your location and age when you sign up.

Tinder Discover

The discovery feature of Tinder App is introduced to enable users to find a partner based on their common interests. You are more likely to meet someone who thinks the same as you with their common interests. You can access gamers, entrepreneurs, music lovers and many other categories in the “Discover by Interest” section of the Discover center. In the Discover section, reciprocating right swipes will allow you to catch a match. You can also access Hot Takes and Swipe Night features in this section. To open the Discover Hub, simply click the window icon in the menu.

How To Sign Up For Tinder And What Are Its Functions?

You can use your Android or IOS device to sign up for the Tinder app. You can download it to your mobile device from Google Play Store or App Store. Then you need to pair your mobile phone number, Facebook or Gmail account.

During registration, you must provide information such as your date of birth, gender, preferred sexual orientation and interests. Then, if you want, you can add links for your Spotify and Instagram accounts. You also need to allow Tinder to access your location while using the app. Then you can upload your photos.

After these processes, Tinder App provides a training in which the platform’s functions and basic features are shown. With this training, you will learn how to use the application effectively. On the homepage of the Tinder app, you can see buttons below the profile that show you how to interact for a potential match. The functions of these buttons are as follows.

X: The red X button indicates that you are not interested in this user and do not want to be matched. Clicking this button will delete the user from your match list. You can also do this function by swiping left.

Heart: The green heart button indicates that you are interested in this user. When you click this button, you like the user and add them to your match list. You can also do this function by swiping right.

Rewind: This function is available when you click a wrong button. If you accidentally swiped a user to the left, the “rewind” feature allows you to see them on your homepage again. However, only Tinder Plus and Gold members can access the rewind feature.

Star: A blue star means that you “Super Like” this user. In addition, this feature allows you to stand out on the homepage of the user you like.

Lightning Bolt: Boost or Super Boost gets your profile to the top of the list in your region for 30 minutes. In this way, users around you can see your profile more and increase your chances of being matched.

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How to Create a Profile on Tinder App?

Now that you know how to sign up for Tinder, you can learn how to create your Tinder profile. We have prepared a list for you to create your Tinder Profile. In this way, you can create an effective Tinder profile.

Adding Photos to Tinder Profile

Photos are the most important element in creating your Tinder profile. That’s why you want to upload your best shot photo. However, research shows that men who upload only 1 photo get fewer matches than men who upload at least 3 photos. So be sure to upload a few photos for more matches. In addition, if you are not sure about which photos to upload, you can get advice from your friends. Or you can organize a survey on survey websites and get help from users about which photos you should choose.

Tinder also has Smart Photos feature.

With its smart photos feature, it has enabled users to make their profiles more effective. In this way, you can highlight the photos you want with smart photos and make them take up more space on your profile.

Tinder Prompts

If you don’t have a good photo array, you can add Tinder Prompts to your profile. You can make text prompts like “Fun facts about me you need to know” or “Two lies and one truth about me”. There is a 144 character limit for each prompt. And it makes it show as a card in the image directory.

In addition to these prompts, you can add witty and funny prompts. This will allow you to get more matches. So it will be worth the extra effort. You can also add 2-second videos with Loops. This will allow you to have a more mobile profile.

Tinder Bio 

After finishing the photography section, now it’s time to create a biography. You might think your Tinder bio is unimportant, but it is very important for users to get a better idea about you. Also, when you create your bio correctly, you will have more chances to match.

You can access your profile information by tapping the icon at the top of the screen. There is a 500-character biography section called “About Me”. In this section, you can write the information you want to share about yourself. Even a few funny and funny texts will make your profile more effective.

Tinder Passions

Tinder Passions is a feature that will help you highlight your profile. In this section, you can specify your areas of interest. And it will make these tags appear under your primary photo. Also, if you have common ground with a potential user, these tags are highlighted.

You need to add at least 3 as passion and you can add up to 5. You can select the areas of interest you want to add to your profile by clicking on the “Passions” option on the profile editing screen.

Adding a few interests to your Tinder profile makes it easier to catch more matches. In this way, you can find the partner you are looking for more easily. Also, a little tip for the users you match:

If you want to act quickly, use the copy and paste tactic. This will save you a lot of time. And it will encourage users  to send message the who like you.

Tinder Matches

Have a Tinder match? No need to worry! We will assist you with this. Click on the speech option at the top right of the screen to access the message screen. Female users on Tinder get quite a lot of messages. That’s why you should have an icebreaker weapon.

Don’t just send messages like “Hey” or “Hi” when you find a match. As we said before, if a female user is your match, there are probably millions of similar messages in your message box. Therefore, you have to be creative and do things that can grab his attention. Now let’s talk about how you can attract attention.

View Profile

If you’ve matched with a user, one of the first things you should do is review the profile of the user you matched with. The purpose of your review is to try to find topics that you can talk to the user about. Browse the user’s interests and view their bio. And send the user a message about the area of ​​interest.

For example, let’s say you are matched with a metal music lover. Never ask “Do you like metal music?” to get this user’s attention. Or do not send messages like “I love Metal music too” this will distract the user more than draw their attention. Instead of such messages, sending messages such as “AC/DC is the best metal band of all time, if you claim otherwise, you definitely don’t understand metal music” will attract the attention of the user more. As we said, be creative and don’t try to move fast. An effective and unexpected message is always the better option.

Finally, let’s talk about a situation that is very unlikely to happen. For example, you entered a user’s profile and found nothing in the about section. In this case, what you need to do is examine the photo of the user. And comment on a detail in your photo. For example, “I think it would be better if your hair was blonde” or “I love that cafe too, should we have a coffee together in that cafe?” You can attract the attention of the user by sending such messages.

Send Fun Messages

It can be quite tiring considering sending funny messages, but it is a very effective way. You don’t need to write anything meaningful for fun messages. The important thing is to attract the attention of the user. For this, you can review the user profile and write a few fun things about a topic. For example, let’s say you mention your Wolverine adoration in your user profile. Sending a message like “I don’t want to think that Wolverine goes to the toilet like normal people” to get this user’s attention can create a very interesting and entertaining conversation. Or you can send a silly message. E.g;

“My heart is ice

You are my paradise

come close to me

Let’s make it nice!

As you can see I am the best poetrist in the world! I think we should meet!” A message like this can get the user’s attention quite a bit.

Use Emojis 

Emojis are another way to grab users’ attention. With this method, you can attract the attention of users in a different way. Choose any emoji from the emoji section. For example, choose a lemon emoji. Isn’t that pretty pointless? In fact, that is exactly the purpose here! A user who sees the lemon emoji will wonder what you mean and will text you to find out. And congratulations, you’re now texting!

Video Chat

If you are a brave person, you can also use Face To Face Video Chat directly. With the video chat feature, you can easily attract the attention of a user you are looking for. When the user sees the video chat request, they will probably ask “Who is this?”. And there are two possibilities, either rejecting or accepting the video chat. But either way, he’ll probably contact you.

Tinder Membership Cost And Features

Monthly PlanMonthly Cost
Platinum 1 Month$ 19,99
Platinum 6 Month$ 10,00
Platinum 12 Month$ 6,67
Gold 1 Month$ 14,99
Gold 6 Month$ 7,50
Gold 12 Month$ 5,00
Plus 1 Month$ 4,99
Plus 6 Month$ 2,50
Plus 12 Month$ 1,67

Note: Tinder paid membership prices vary for those aged 30 and over.

Tinder Plus Features

  • Unlimited Right Swipe (Like)
  • Free Tinder Boost Once a Month
  • Check Your Profile
  • Hide Your Age
  • Hide Your Distance
  • Option to Show Profile Only to People Who Like You
  • Passport Your Location Anywhere
  • Five Extra Super Likes a Day
  • Rewind (Undo) Last Scroll
  • See Recently Active Contacts First
  • Hide Ads

Tinder Gold Features

  • Unlimited Right Swipe (Like)
  • Free Tinder Boost Once a Month
  • Check Your Profile
  • Don’t Show Your Age
  • Don’t Show Your Distance
  • Option to Show Profile Only to People Who Like You
  • Passport Your Location Anywhere
  • Five Extra Super Likes a Day
  • Rewind (Undo) Last Scroll
  • See Recently Active Contacts First
  • Hide Ads
  • Instantly Match with People
  • All Access to Top Picks and Favorites

Tinder Platinum

With a Tinder Platinum membership, you can access all of the above features and also the following features.

  • Send message without match
  • priority likes
  • Being able to see the likes you sent last week.
  • Tinder Passport

Which Paid Membership Should I Choose?

In fact, a clear choice for this is entirely up to you. Each paid membership has several benefits. You can compare the features of paid memberships and make the right choice for yourself. However, we can say that Tinder Gold membership is more advantageous than the other two membership types. Because you can access almost all the features and use the application easily. We can also say that it is a completely price-performance package.

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FAQ About Tinder App

What is Tinder App?

Tinder app is a dating site founded in 2012. It serves with millions of users around the world. And it is quite popular among young people. It was acquired by Match Group for $3 Billion in 2017. And it’s still managed by the Match Group.

Is Flirting Free on Tinder?

Yes, you can sign up and use the Tinder App for free. However, the free version is very limited in use. And you have 100 likes per day. In addition, you will constantly encounter advertisements in the free membership. Paid membership may be more beneficial for a better user experience.

Is Tinder a Good Dating App?

Yes and no! The number of users using Tinder is quite high. Therefore, each user uses Tinder for different purposes. Some users use the platform for hookup and some users for dating. That’s why Tinder app isn’t exactly a dating app. But Tinder calls itself dating apps.

Is Tinder Good for Serious Relationships?

Yes and no! There are millions of users who use Tinder. And all of these users use Tinder for different purposes. Therefore, you may have difficulty finding the partner you are looking for. If you are looking for a serious relationship, you can choose different dating apps like Okcupid or eHarmony.

Is Tinder a Reliable Dating App?

Yes Tinder is a reliable dating app. Tinder was founded in 2012 and its popularity is increasing day by day. It was acquired by Match Group in 2017 and is still managed by Match Group. Therefore, you can use the Tinder app with peace of mind.

Do You Have to Pay for Tinder 2022?

Yes, you need to pay. Although Tinder has a free version, it is quite limited and you will encounter a lot of ads. In addition, you need to have a paid membership on Tinder to access many features. For this reason, you need to get a paid membership on Tinder.

What are Tinder Paid Membership Prices?

Tinder offers 3 different paid memberships. Tinder Plus starts at $1.67 per month, Tinder Gold starts at $5 per month and Tinder Platinum starts at $6.67 per month. The features provided by 3 different paid memberships are different. Also, different pricing is available for users over the age of 30.

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