How To Survive A Loveless Sexless Marriage (The Ultimate Solution)

how to survive a loveless sexless marriage

Being married until death do you part doesn’t seem fair when you’re living a loveless sexless marriage. A loveless marriage has no physical interaction, and sometimes it can lead to frequently arguments. Is this your marriage? It can be tough to survive a loveless sexless relationship, but take heart there is hope. It’s not easy, but if it was easy everyone would be doing it! Today’s article we’ll explain how to survive a loveless sexless marriage. In this way you can fix your marriage and you can open a door to a pleasant life.

how to define a sexless marriage

How To Define A Sexless Marriage

Sexless marriage is the term used for couples who have not been together for more than 6 months. Patience in marriage has run out and couples no longer understand each other. There is a constant state of quarrels or the estrangement of couples from each other.

As a reflection of this situation, children can be affected and the peace at home is almost non-existent. In addition, people may look for new partners and their marriages may end in divorce. About 65% of couples who experience a sexless marriage end in divorce.

Reasons For A Loveless, Sexless Marriage

There could be many reasons of this situation. Here are the reasons of sexless marriage:

  • Frequently arguments
  • Stress
  • Health problems
  • Psychological problems (depression etc.)
  • Financial problems
  • Anxiety
  • Libido differences
  • Hormanal imbalance
  • Etc…

How To Survive A Loveless Sexless Marriage

Explore Yourself

The first step to surviving a loveless sexless marriage is to discover yourself. This can be difficult because it requires you to face the realities of your relationship and how it affects you. You must admit that your marriage is loveless, and then accept the fact that you’re in this situation. Once you’ve accepted your current situation, you can begin to work on taking care of yourself, find support from others, and decide what to do next.

Don’t Suppress Your Feelings

“Suppressing your feelings can make matters worse for you in the long run,” Dr. Lancer says. “To survive a loveless marriage, you need to accept that you’re in one and start communicating honestly with your partner. If you can’t communicate openly with your partner or even share what you’re feeling, it makes it hard to find a solution.”

Be Honest To Yourself

If you want to survive lovless marriage, you should be honest to yourself. The moment you start lying to yourself and saying ‘I am happy’ or ‘I don’t care if he is not loving’, then you are not being true to yourself.

Every person deserves a happy and healthy relationship. If your spouse is not treating you as a human, it is time that you take a stand for yourself.

Don’t be scared of what will happen if you take a stand. Don’t be scared of the consequences that might follow when you confront your partner about his/her lack of affection.

At times people pretend to be happy in the relationship, but deep down inside they are very unhappy with their partners. This is because they fear that their partner might leave them if they confront them about their lack of affection.

Understand The Issue

If you want to save your marriage, understand the issue. The best way to understand the issue is by doing a self-analysis.

What are your top three issues? Is it money? Sex? Communication? Poor parenting skills? Infidelity? Who has the most control in your union? Who is the most submissive in the relationship? What does each of you do to be more controlling or submissive in your relationship?

Once you understand why you are having the issue or issues, it is easier to come up with solutions. This is especially true if you are the only one doing all the work. The spouse who feels they are doing all the work may feel like they are being taken advantage of and that their partner doesn’t care about the marriage. This is a common complaint among couples who have been together for some time.

If both parties feel this way, then there is an issue with communication. If one of you feels this way, then it is important to communicate your feelings properly, and to express them in a way that your spouse can understand.

How to Overcome the Loveless Sexless Marriage Problem

How to Overcome the Loveless Sexless Marriage Problem?

Find Out If There Are Any Underlying Issues

If you have been married for quite some time now and if you feel that there are no problems between you and your spouse, then it would be time to start talking about the things that both of you have in common. You need to find out what are the common interests that both of you share so that you will be able to discuss them openly without any hesitation or fear.

When you are ready to talk about your feelings, it would be better if you could be honest with each other. This is because being honest with each other will enable both of you to feel more comfortable talking about things and this will also allow the two of you to understand each other better. Remember that being open with your partner will not only make him or her feel better but it will also make the relationship stronger. In this way, you will first step to save your marriage.

Talk About It

Talk about it. One of the biggest mistakes people make when their marriage is in trouble is to just avoid talking about it. Sometimes that’s because they don’t want to hurt their spouse’s feelings, but often it’s because they don’t want to face the reality of their situation.

But if you want to save your marriage, you have to talk about it. Even if you don’t want a divorce, it’s important for your spouse to know how much this hurts and what it’s doing to you. It could be hard for him or her to understand how badly things are going unless you tell them.

Get some help outside the marriage. Sometimes working on yourself is enough to fix a troubled relationship.

Become More Intimate

If you want to save your marriage, become more intimate while you talking your marriage issue. And focus to understand each other.

Becoming more intimate with one another is important to saving your marriage because it helps you to establish trust, love and companionship. If you and your spouse are constantly fighting, then it will probably be very difficult for you to save the relationship or even stay together.

You and your spouse should talk about what you are feeling and try to understand each other’s feelings and emotions. This can help to improve communication within the relationship, which is always a good thing. You should also try to spend as much time together as possible so that you can build a stronger bond between each other.

Be Patient And Understanding

Be Patient And Understanding

If you want to save your marriage, Be Patient And Understanding while you are talking each other.

It is important that you do not lose your temper or engage in any ugly behavior during the conversation. Remember, you are trying to save your marriage here and it can be done only if there is love, affection and understanding between you. It is vital to listen to your partner with patience.

If you want to save your marriage, Be Patient And Understanding while you are talking each other.

It is important that you do not lose your temper or engage in any ugly behavior during the conversation. Remember, you are trying to save your marriage here and it can be done only if there is love, affection and understanding between you. It is vital to listen to your partner with patience.

Ask Your Spouse If They Are Willing To Change

If you have a good idea of what the problems are from the start and each party knows what is expected of them, you will have a much better chance of saving your marriage.

If both parties are not willing to try and work on the problems, then there really is no reason to stay married. But if one person wants the marriage to work, and the other doesn’t care or isn’t willing to work on things, then that’s not fair to the person who wants to save their marriage.

The best way to approach this topic with your spouse is by asking “Are you willing to change?” This question makes it very clear that you are unhappy in your relationship, but at least you’re giving your spouse a chance before walking away from them. If they say no and won’t put forth any effort towards improving your relationship, then at least you know that things aren’t.

Be Honest With Yourself As A Partner In The Relationship

The best way to break the silence and to express your feelings, thoughts and ideas is by talking. It doesn’t matter who starts the conversation. After you find out the issue, be honest with yourself as a partner in the relationship and talk about it.

If you are mad at your spouse, you should tell them, not hide it. If you feel like your spouse is making mistakes, tell them. Sometimes, you will have to make a long pause before actually saying something because of your anger or fear of breaking the marriage but forcing yourself to speak up is worth it because it will save your marriage from falling apart or again ruined.

If Not, Get Help From Doctors

If, despite everything, you still cannot solve the problems in your marriage, seek support from psychologists or couples therapists. They will help you better understand the reasons for the crisis and tell you what to do to overcome it.

A psychologist can help you in individual conversation (if there are problems with a partner) or with a couple.

In this case, the main task of the specialist is to identify the causes of misunderstanding and difficulties in relationships, as well as to prescribe ways of their solution. If necessary, additional consultation of a psychiatrist may be required.

If It Never Happens Maybe It’s Time For You To Leave

One of the most difficult things to accept is that you’ve done all you can and it still isn’t enough. You may have tried as hard as humanly possible to make things work but in the end, you discover that it’s just not going to happen.

Sometimes, when you reach this point, it’s worth considering whether a divorce is the best way forward – for both of you. If your marriage is not improving despite all your efforts, maybe divorce is the best solution.

How to know if it’s time

There are some very obvious signs that your marriage has reached its breaking point and needs to end. However, there are also more subtle signs which might be harder to identify but should still be taken seriously. If any of these apply to your situation, then divorce may well be the answer.

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