Taimi Review (Updated 2022) – A Real Look Under the Hood

taimi review

Taimi is a dating app for LGBTQ+ people. It is a blend of social media and a dating app. Taimi is available on both iOS and Android devices.

taimi review

In 2017, Social Impact Inc. in Las Vegas introduced Taimi. “Tame Me” was the first name Alex Pasykov came up with for the dating app that later became Taimi.

The business has grown to include other European nations. Taimi made the UK launch announcement on October 31, 2018. Spain, the Netherlands, and other Spanish-speaking nations in Central and South America followed the introduction of Taimi in the Netherlands on July 20, 2019.

Taimi Overview

Taimi is quite feature-rich. While some are exclusive to premium subscribers, others are open to all users. Whatever level of membership you decide to sign up for, you’ll almost surely find a persuading feature to keep you!

You can use the app to find your ideal match. LGBTQ+ people can currently use Taimi’s social networking and dating services, which also include live streaming, video calling, and chat. Based on their chosen tastes and location, the app matches users. Users can also look through other active profiles on the website.

Taimi Pros And Cons

Taimi Pros

Extremely inclusive of LGBTQ+ individuals.

Free version of the app is available.

The app is as safe for LGBTQ+ individuals as.

Taimi Cons

Payment is mixed.

Customer support is not working.

App has problems and crashes.

Taimi Sign Up Process Review

Sign up with Taimi is easy. You will be asked to sign in or download your app after you have finished downloading it. You are prompted to either check in with Facebook or provide some basic information on the sign up page.

Your username, email address, and personal information must be provided.

After that, you will be required to upload a photo along with information about your sexual orientation and dating preferences.

The entire procedure only takes a few minutes to complete and is simple to do.

Taimi Interface Review

Taimi is a dating app for LGBTQ+ people. It has a tidy design and an excellent user interface. This demonstrates how user-friendly and intuitive the software is.

It also allows users to filter out other users who may not be compatible with them. This helps to ensure that you only see profiles of people you want to meet. The app also has a chat feature that allows you to interact with other users. This can be used for flirting or just making friends. You can also send messages to people who have liked your profile and see if they are interested in meeting up with you.

taimi review

Taimi Features Review


The application has the feature of sending likes to the people you like. If they like you back, then you can chat with them.


You can access Taimi’s social media features even if you are not a paying customer. The ability to upload and view stories gives the app as a whole an unrivaled sense of community. You have the ability to present yourself in a way that provides others with a clear picture of who you are.


Taimi has a free feature called invisibility. You can choose to browse completely anonymously or change your settings so only a few people can see what you’re doing. Flirting on Taimi is much more fun because of the anonymity.

Taimi  Users Quality Review

Great singles can be found in Taimi. Taimi has more than 15 million users. Taimi has users from all over the world, with an average age of 18 to 24 years. The application was launched in 2017. Taimi’s users are looking for both casual dating and casual relationships. They make it much easier for you to choose someone you are interested in because they are attractive, intriguing, and frequently use the program’s social media features.

The application was created to be free from discrimination and prejudice against LGBTQ+ individuals. That’s why you won’t find any bias in their system that would make it more difficult for you to find your perfect match here, compared to other websites where there is such a bias towards LGBTQ+ people.

Taimi Membership Price Review

Membership TypeMonthly PriceTotal Price
Premium – 1 Week$14.99 Weekly$14.99
Premium – 1 month$41.99$41.99
Premium – 3 months$18.00$53.99
Premium – 12 months$6.00$71.99

Taimi  Customer Support Review

Taimi has a problem with customer service.

The help section and FAQs on Taimi’s website serve as a primary source of support. However, these websites load slowly and do not work properly in any browser. They are also difficult to navigate. Not all links are functional in apps.

However, Taimi has a hotline for customer service. This means you can call someone to have your question answered! If you want, you can also choose to send an email.

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taimi review

FAQ About Taimi Review

Is Taimi Still Free?

Taimi is still free, but not all features are available to free users. To use all feature you need to pay or upgrade your membership.

Who Owns Taimi?

Taimi is a dating app for LGBTQ+ people. It is a blend of social media and a dating app. Taimi is available on both iOS and Android devices.

In 2017, Social Impact Inc. in Las Vegas introduced Taimi. “Tame Me” was the first name Alex Pasykov came up with for the dating app that later became Taimi.

How Do I Cancel My Taimi Subscription?

You can cancel your Taimi subscription at any time by contacting the customer support team.

To cancel your subscription, send a message to the live support team via the in-app Live Support Chat or email Taimi at support@taimi.com with the subject line “Unsubscribe from Taimi”.

How Do I Appear Offline On Taimi?

Open Taimi; Go to your Profile (last icon in the bottom menu); Select “Settings” and then “Taimi Protect”; Switch Stealth mode on.

How Many People Use Taimi?

Taimi has more than 15 million users. Taimi has users from all over the world.

Is Taimi A Hookup Site?

Not all users use it to hang out, but there are some who use it to hang out.

Some of the users on Taimi are looking for relationships, but that doesn’t mean that all of them are. You can use the site to find friends or even a romantic partner.

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