Why Married Men Have Affairs

Walk Away After Infidelity

Statistics show that men are more likely than women to cheat on their partners. Given the obvious pleasure of sex, why would a man cheat?

It’s not just the sex that lures married men into affairs. In fact, there are many reasons why men cheat on their wives. Some married men have affairs due to lack of sexual satisfaction at home; other reasons include:

Why Married Men Have Affairs


The first reason men have affairs is because they are unhappy or dissatisfied with their marriage in some way. This can be due to a variety of factors. Maybe there are financial issues or children issues causing tension within the home. Maybe one person is feeling neglected while the other person spends all their free time at work. Maybe there are communication problems that lead partners to feel like they aren’t being heard or understood by the other person. Perhaps one partner is cheating on the other and wants to find someone new, or maybe the relationship between two people has just become stagnant and boring and no longer feels exciting or special.

Whatever the reason for being unhappy, if you’re unhappy enough, it becomes more and more tempting to secretly pursue something else that might make you happier—the forbidden.

Body Image/aging

It’s no secret that men are visual creatures. What may be surprising is how much of a difference this makes in a man’s feelings about his spouse as he ages. While it’s true that women have more to worry about when it comes to aging, men also have their own set of issues when it comes to the way they feel about their appearance. Body Image Men tend to have a different body image than women. Where women might see their bodies as the product of genetics and hard work, men tend to think of their bodies as solely the product of hard work—they see themselves as having earned every inch of muscle and every ounce of fat through serious workouts. This means that when men get older, they don’t notice the loss or gain of muscle mass in the same way that women do, who see their bodies as products of both genetics and effort. Many men can happily keep up their workout routines into old age and never notice any changes in their physique, but then suddenly start feeling self-conscious once they stop seeing a significant increase in muscle mass after each work-out. To put it simply, many men actually feel better about themselves when they gain weight! They associate weight gain with increased muscle mass, which makes them feel like they’ve earned even more masculine.

Feeling Unappreciated

It may be hard to imagine why men would feel unappreciated when they’re not just being provided for, but are also being provided for by someone who loves them. But it’s important to remember that in marriage, partners’ needs—including the need for feeling appreciated—are typically put on hold. And then there’s the other side of it: Because marriage is traditionally a partnership in which the woman often takes on a greater share of the burden than the man, she may not always be as attentive to him as he’d like her to be. As a result, he may feel “unseen” and start looking outside the relationship for affirmation of his own worth. It’s easy to see how this can quickly snowball into an affair—and that’s why it’s absolutely critical for both partners to take care to recognize each other’s needs and show appreciation on a regular basis, whether through gift-giving, thoughtful gestures or simply by saying “thank you.”


Boredom is a big reason why married men have affairs. It’s not that he doesn’t love his wife or is unhappy with their marriage, but sometimes being in a relationship with the same person for a long time can get pretty boring. Everyone has different needs for how much excitement they need in their lives, but it’s worth pointing out that many people also need a certain amount of stability and routine to feel comfortable in their day-to-day lives.

In relationships where one or both partners are giving less than 100% of their energy and attention to the other, there are fewer opportunities for opportunities for passion, spontaneity (and just plain fun) to shine through. That’s where boredom comes into play; it can be one of the first warning signs that someone is falling out of love, even if they aren’t consciously aware of it themselves. An affair can be an attempt to jump-start the old feelings of attraction and passion that have become stagnant over time.

The affair is not the problem; it’s the symptom of an underlying issue (boredom) that should be addressed before things get worse.

Why Married Men Have Affairs

Lack Of Commitment

Everyone has heard of the common reasons why men have affairs: a lack of attention from their partners, dissatisfaction with the marriage etc. But what is less discussed is what leads to these issues in the first place. It’s often been said that there are only two reasons why married men cheat: because they like sex more than their wives, or because they like someone else more than their wives. But it goes deeper than that. One of the most common reason why men have affairs is because of commitment problems. Men are designed to be hunters and if a man feels trapped within a marriage and unable to be himself he will do anything to escape this feeling of being trapped, including having an affair. Women are designed to keep things together, so if you’re a woman you should focus on making your husband feel like he is free and able to do whatever he wants and needs to do.


Revenge is undoubtedly a major reason why married men have affairs. When a man’s wife cheats on him, he’ll often start seeing another woman as an avenue to hurt her. In fact, it’s estimated that the majority of affairs are at least partially motivated by spite. Often the other woman doesn’t even know that she’s being used as part of a ploy for revenge—her feelings might actually be genuine and she might truly develop feelings for the married man or vice versa, and in that case the affair can cause even more pain when it inevitably ends. Men who have been cheated on by their wives may also seek comfort in the arms of another woman out of frustration. These men may not want to cheat; they may just be looking for ways to channel their anger—and if a woman is willing to have sex with them, it can make them feel like they’re getting back at their wives in some way. The spouse who is cheated on will often feel betrayed and hurt after finding out about an affair. Even if it seems like you’re objective about your marriage ending, you might still be vulnerable to an emotional attachment forming with someone else and you might discover yourself falling in love with your mistress.

He’s Insecure

Men who feel like they are not in control of their lives are more likely to cheat. If your husband is insecure, he may feel like he needs to take control of something and that could mean cheating on you. If you think this might be the case, then work on helping him feel more confident in his life so that he doesn’t need to cheat.


This is one of the most common reason why married men have affairs. A narcissist will use anything and anyone to satisfy their needs — whether it’s money, sex, or power. They are often selfish and egocentric, so they don’t care who gets hurt in the process of getting what they want.

Their relationships with others are based on how useful you can be to them and how much adulation they can get from you. If there isn’t enough admiration coming your way, then the narcissist will move on to someone else who will provide it for them.

They lack empathy and don’t care about how their actions affect other people. For example, they might cheat on their spouse because they want to feel good about themselves or because they think that having an affair is better than staying with their spouse who doesn’t make them feel special enough anymore (even though they never really did).

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Being The Other Woman: How To Survive An Affair

FAQ About Why Married Men Have Affairs

What Causes A Man To Cheat?

There are many reasons why a man might cheat on his wife. Some men cheat because they’re unhappy in their marriage, some men cheat because they’re unhappy with their sex life, and some men cheat for other reasons. Cheating may seem like an easy way out of your relationship problems, but it can actually make things worse. If you have an affair, it will most likely damage your relationship with your partner and ruin the trust that was once there between you two.

Can A Man Love You And Still Cheat?

It seems so contradictory. But it’s not as rare as you might think. In fact, many men cheat on their wives and girlfriends because they are angry or unhappy with them. The man may also be feeling neglected or unappreciated in the relationship, which is why he turns to another woman for attention.

Can A Husband Cheat And Still Love His Wife?

The answer to this question is a resounding no. From the moment you cheat on your wife, you have already betrayed her trust. Cheating destroys trust and love in a relationship. It is not possible for a husband to cheat on his wife and still love her as much as before he cheated.

Can Affairs Be True Love?

The answer is yes. Affairs can be true love. But they can also be a way to avoid having to deal with the real issues in your relationship. An affair can feel like true love because you’re getting your needs met in the relationship and you don’t have any other responsibilities outside of it. You’re not responsible for anyone else’s feelings or actions, just your own. You don’t have to deal with any rules or boundaries that might exist in a normal relationship — which is why an affair can seem so exciting at first. And since it’s all new and exciting, it feels like true love!

Is It Ok To Sleep With Married Man?

The answer is yes, it is ok to sleep with a married man. Just make sure that you don’t get yourself into trouble or hurt anyone. If you have decided to see a married man, then you should know that he may not be able to give you all the things he promises. A married man is not likely to leave his wife for you – at least not anytime soon. If he has already had affairs with women in the past, then there’s no reason why he will stop now. In fact, the chances are higher that he will continue doing this because having affairs is what most men do when they are bored in their marriage or when their wife isn’t giving them enough attention and affection.

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