Only 14% of US men having extramarital affairs are made to use condoms by their mistresses

  • More than 12K active male members of Victoria Milan, one of the world’s most discreet online platforms for those seeking extramarital adventures, were polled to find out if women they cheat with usually request them to use protection when having a sexual encounter

  • Only 14% of men from the US admit women they have affairs with make them wear a condom, which surprisingly surpasses the global rate of 11%

  • Scandinavia ranks highest in terms of sexual awareness

With World Sexual Health Day approaching to take place on 4th September, Victoria Milan, one of the world’s most discreet online platforms for those seeking extramarital adventures, conducted a survey to find out whether women who have sexual relationships with married or otherwise attached men request them to use a condom when having an affair.

The results show a shockingly low average rate (11%) of these women requesting their partners to use protection when having their extramarital adventures. According to the 12,104 active male members from 21 countries registered on the social dating network for married and attached people taking part in the survey, despite the fact that this is one of women’s top 10 demands before having a sexual encounter, it still doesn’t rank as one of the most important requests.

“We are completely surprised by this low average rate. This 11% shows the results from 21 different and developed countries where people are aware how important using protection is when having sexual encounters - especially in those outside of one’s marriage - in order to prevent sexually transmitted diseases”, founder and CEO of Victoria Milan Sigurd Vedal explains.

“We believe it’s important to emphasise the importance of using protection in any sexual relationship and on this World Sexual Health Day we’d like to call those women who have encounters with married or attached men as well as those men who have extramarital affairs to action to never forget requesting to wear or use condoms”, claims Vedal.

The most and least sexually aware countries

From the results of this survey, Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Denmark and Sweden rank amongst the most sexually aware regions, with 21, 20 and 16% respectively of the men who participated in the poll confirming women they cheat with request them to wear a condom when having sex.

Countries like the Czech Republic (15%), the US (14%), Germany (12%), the UK (11%), France (11%), Australia (11%), Italy (10%), Finland (10%), Ireland (10%) and South Africa (10%) are placed in the middle.

However, other countries like Hungary (5%), Austria (6%), the Netherlands (6%), Spain (8%) Portugal (8%), Belgium (9%), Switzerland (9%) or Poland (9%) show through their average rates how little women seem to be aware of the importance of requesting the use of protection when having sex. “When it comes to having a sexual encounter, responsibility is 50-50 between men and women”, says Victoria Milan CEO Sigurd Vedal. “But it is still surprising that men don’t receive this demand from women more often when they are in a sexual encounter outside of their long-term relationship”, he explains.

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