Unfaithful men prefer curvy lovers

  • In recent years, Victoria Milan, one of the world’s most discreet online platforms for those seeking extramarital adventures, conducted a survey to find out how the perfect mistress looked. This survey has recently been repeated and the results have changed, with regard to body shape.

  • This new, updated poll shows how unfaithful men from South Africa and 21 other countries prefer curvy lovers with long hair and beautiful eyes, over slim women, to embark on an affair with. In 2015, when the first poll was conducted, slim women topped the list.

Despite the incessant portrayal of very slim women in popular media, it seems that men actually prefer a curvier woman - especially for an extramarital adventure! As one of the world’s leading social dating platforms for married and attached people, the team at Victoria Milan was interested to discover the physical attributes that men looking for an affair find attractive. According to this updated survey, that was conducted amongst more than 4,800 male Victoria Milan members, from 22 countries, curvaceous women are now the favored type of women to cheat with.

The previous poll, conducted in 2015, aimed to discover exactly which qualities and attributes made a woman the perfect mistress. At the time, 40.2% of 4,427 men registered on victoriamilan.com chose slim women over curvy (38.6%) to have an affair with. Three years later, however, these men’s physical preferences have changed: now 40.8% of these other 4,803 participants prefer curvaceous mistresses over 35.2% who keep choosing slim lovers.

There are some other physical attributes that are still important for men seeking an affair on this social dating network. For instance, according to the men who took part in the poll, the perfect mistress has long hair - and this attribute that has increased in importance over these past years: from 41.2% to 42.3%.

Power of body positivity: men’s physical preferences have changed

“We wanted to repeat this survey because physical stereotypes have changed a lot over the past years. Consequently, these results show exactly how men’s physical preferences are now different and all types of women are represented in the survey”, says Victoria Milan CEO and founder, Sigurd Vedal.

Physical appearance, however, is more important than personality for men who seek an extramarital affair. In 2015, 67.4% chose appearance over personality (29.6%), while in 2018 physical looks are more important for 70.1% of unfaithful men. For just 26.9% of the participants, personality is more important than physical appearance…

The importance of keeping fit has also increased considerably among men’s preferences as 30.4% of those polled admit that they prefer their mistress to keep fit. According to 28.3% of the men polled in 2018, a woman who is elegant and stylish is prefered; while in the previous survey, this was factor was only important for 11.4% of men seeking an affair.

Do men fantastise about extramartial adventures with curvy women?

“Male stereotypes of women have evolved: it doesn’t matter anymore if they are curvy, slim or average size. We all like healthy and fit people when dating, especially if the aim of the date is to find an extramarital affair. These Victoria Milan members show how their perfect mistresses would look like - but this doesn’t mean they are the type of women they like for a long-term relationship. In fact, in these surveys, participants tend to answer according to their fantasies,” confirm Vedal.

Male Questionnaire:

Which is more important: appearance or personality?

Appearance - 70.1%

Personality - 26.9%

Undecided - 3%

What does the perfect mistress look like? (multiple-choice)

Long hair - 42.3%

Slim - 35.2%

Curvaceous - 40.8%

Beautiful eyes - 33.5%

Tall - 30.6%

Petite - 26.7%

Fit - 30.4%

Short Hair - 13.2%

Elegant fashion style - 28.3%

What personality qualities are most important in a mistress? (multiple-choice)

Kind - 64.5%

Funny/has a sense of humour - 67.6%

Youthful - 45%

Adventurous - 51.3%

Empathic - 24.8%

Reliable - 40.2%

Romantic - 38.2%

Intelligent - 29.4%

Impulsive - 22.5%

Generous - 3.2%

Mature - 5.6%

*Countries included in the study: Australia, Belgium, South Africa, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Slovakia, France, Portugal, New Zealand, Argentina, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, Greece, Austria, Italy, United Kingdom and United States.

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