British versus Americans sex battle - who have the highest sex drive?

  • According to a survey conducted with married and attached people from the UK and the US, British men surpass US men in how many times they think about sex and get horny throughout the day as a consequence. However, American women have a more intense sex drive than British women

  • The findings of the survey show how those British men seeking an affair think more than twice a day about sex (2.07), and that makes them get horny more often than American men (1.97). On the other hand, married or attached women from the US get horny 1.58 times a day, 4.4% more than British women (1.51)

How many times a day do married and attached British people think of sex and get horny as a result? Would you say Americans get horny more often than Brits? Is it true that men get horny more times a day than women, even if they are married?

The latest survey conducted by Victoria Milan, one of the world’s most discreet online platforms for those seeking extramarital adventures, reveals some findings that can answer some of these questions.

Men do think more about sex than women and get horny more often as a result, but who have a higher sex drive: British or American men?

1,388 American members of Victoria Milan, a social dating network for married and attached people seeking a discreet affair, and 1,489 users from the United Kingdom were recently polled to find out how many times a day they think of sex and get horny as a result.

Many sexual researches have been conducted along the years, showing that men think more about sex than women do. According to The Journal of Sex Research, on average males think about sex 19 times a day, while the average woman thinks about sex 10 times a day. However, how many of those times do Brits and Americans really get turned on by those sexual thoughts?

Despite what many may have guessed: married and attached British men get horny 2.07 times per day due to erotic thoughts, which is a figure almost 5% higher than in the case of American men, who, after having thought of something related to sex, get horny 1.97 times a day on average.

Comparing men’s results to women’s, Victoria Milan’s male members from the UK have 27% more sex drive than that of the women, as they admitted to getting horny due to sexual thoughts throughout the day for an average of 1.51 times.

Regarding members from the US, women’s average shows they think of sex and get horny 4.4% more often than women from the UK (1.57 versus 1.51), but American women still don’t reach the sex drive fo the male compatriots, staying 20.3% behind them in this regard.

“Other previous researches showed men think about sex more than women do, but how many of those thoughts lead to actually getting horny is what we really wanted to figure out”, says Sigurd Vedal, CEO and founder of Victoria Milan. “We compared responses from British users to the answers from Americans and surprisingly found that men from the UK get horny more often than those from the US. After having a look at the whole picture, British men seeking an extramarital affair should perhaps look for American women, as they have a higher sex drive that their British counterparts”, Vedal jokes around.

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