The Perks of Dating a Cougar

Cougar - (n.) A 30+ woman who specifically seeks out younger men to date or casually have sex with.

Madonna, Demi Moore, Gwen Stefani, JLo, Lisa Bonet and many other goddesses over the age of 45 are regarded as some of the hottest women in the world and have the pick of the litter when it comes to their dating pool. They seduce sexy young men and command fashion trends for stylish young women.

Milfs and Gilfs alike are coveted for their laid back demeanor and sexual prowess, and more young men are taking the wise approach and going straight to the source of knowledge. Experienced and horny ladies are out there just waiting to share their carefully acquired set of skills.

Dating sites like Victoria Milan bring you together with like minded women looking for the same thing you are. The site makes it easy to create an account, fill in your profile and start talking to cougars near you!

More men are realizing the incredible things older women have to offer. Like a fine wine, people get better with age and spending some quality time with someone several years your senior opens you up to a wealth of knowledge and opportunity.

Meet Your Sexual Guru

Being lucky enough to have sex with an experienced and wise cougar means getting to enjoy a woman while she is at her sexual prime.

Many women already mastered all the basics back in their twenties and have approached what will be known as an explorative era in many adult’s sex lives. Exploring sexual fantasies and testing limits is the name of the game, so be ready for some adventure.

Young men can be more open minded about new experiences and of course win in the case of endurance too with their seemingly endless youthful energy.

Older women will be more direct and upfront about what they want and what works for them. Take heed, as this precious wisdom was most likely painstakingly earned during the many awkward sexual encounters she had in her younger years.

Cougars Aren’t Clingy

The magic of dating an older woman stems from the fact that you are meeting each other in totally different stages of your lives. Your time together will most likely be short-lived, yet passionate. This allows for mystery and intrigue that just isn’t possible when dating someone near your age.

She has no desire to change her relationship status or yours, and has no time to play head games. The pace of your lives is different enough there’s no time for much else besides some hot dates and steamy love making sessions.

The network on Victoria Milan was designed to cut out all the frill and make finding a match easier. By allowing users to customize their search each time, we make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for in casual dating and steer clear of what you’re not.

Seek Social Connections

Along the way to her rise to success in her career, she has made many important connections. Having friends in the business world serves as a free retainer, assisting with any future endeavors.

Get in with the right people and it could mean making important business connections of your very own. Any alliance made now can win your favor in the future, so don’t burn bridges.

Try to befriend her business correspondents, and do so by jumping at her invitations to social functions and be the best arm candy possible.

She Oozes Confidence

One of the best parts of dating cougars is enjoying their poise. Their certainty means less insecurities and drama than you’re used to. Don’t expect her to be concerning herself with where you’re going or who you’re talking to.

Cougars can be more assertive because they know what they want and they’re not afraid of going after it. Enjoy letting her take charge for once, it can be really hot.

She is Independent

In many ways, age really is just a number when you’re dating someone. The true cougar is young-spirited and wild, preferring the fast pace and passionate sex that dating younger guys can offer.

They aren’t looking for a long term relationship so they aren’t as concerned with what their partner is up to. This results in less tension and easier communication, since their common goal is to have fun with each other, rather than stressing about fitting together perfectly. Mature women are more likely to treat you to a night out, which is something many young men have never experienced. Enjoying the reduced burden of dating someone who is more emotionally and financially stable gives a person more opportunity to reserve that energy for more intimate aspects of the relationship.

Not only can it be quite a relief to be the one being wined-and-dined for a change, but the pursuit can be incredibly sexy and invigorating.

She Takes Control

As you may know, in the case of the great lion, or king of cats, the lioness commands the family unit. They are in charge of protecting and providing for the whole group. For our sense, women are the same.

They are forward, demand great dates and great sex, and they will also take charge. Many men new to cougar dating are taken aback at first by the contrast in personality between younger ladies and experienced women, but her ability to take charge will keep you coming back.

Don’t be surprised when she calls the shots on the best spot to eat, chooses date locations, and which position to try next. Her tenacity may compel her to pick up the tab or take you on a weekend adventure out of town.

The cougar is confident, successful and she takes what she wants from life, which is something we all certainly can stand to learn from.

She enjoys a break from the men her age who push marriage while you get to relax with a fun, successful, and seductive woman. This allows the relationship to be passionate while remaining neutral. Enjoying the moment without letting the past drag you down or the future stress you out.

Just as in any atypical relationship, cougar dating has its haters, who try to downplay the validity of your differences, but if the feeling is there you should go for it. There’s a lot to learn and even more fun to be had while cougar dating.

Since it still isn’t a mainstream type of encounter, Victoria Milan takes the difficulty out of casual dating. Why make something more difficult than it needs to be? With a community of 6 million members, it’s easy to find sexy cougars no matter where you are.

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