Top 20 European countries where women climax the most

The world celebrated International Orgasm Day on July 31, an event which inspired research into the orgasmic experiences of women in 20 European countries and the creation of an OrgasMap to show who’s being pleasured the most, and where.

The OrgasMap of Europe 2017, created by Victoria Milan – a dating website for married and attached people looking to have an extramarital affair – asked 8,307 of its active female members to take a break from the bedroom and give some insight into the number of times they are sexually active per week, the frequency of multiple orgasms and the average number of orgasms per session.

Belgians are mainly known for their culinary skills – chocolate, waffles and frites are usually on the menu – but the survey reveals the ladies are burning off the calories in the bedroom and getting a large helping of orgasms as well, saying they climax 13.86 times per week.

It’s no secret the French love to make love – and the Frenchmen, arguably the best lovers in the world, are indulging their partners 11.34 times per week.

The luck of the Irish has the ladies on the emerald isle ooh-ing and aah-ing approximately 10.64 times a week. The inclement weather in Ireland gives couples a fair excuse to spend more time in the bedroom.

Behind closed doors, people from the United Kingdom are not as reserved as they make out to be. Ladies in the UK say they’re averaging around 9.87 orgasms per week, meaning they spend a good percentage of their time not minding their manners in the bedroom.

It’s no surprise that the Spanish senoritas fare well on the OrgasMap. The flair and passion of the Spanish sees the gents making sure their ladies are well taken care of, not resting until they climax. On average, Spanish women say they orgasm 9.73 times per week.

The Dutch women are known for riding bicycles, but research shows they spend a lot of time riding other things as well. In the Netherlands, the nether regions are well taken care of, with Dutch women saying they climax 9.31 times per week.

The naughty Norwegians love to spend time in the bedroom – and the men are all about equality, and ensuring the ladies are taken care of just as well as the men. As a result, the Norwegian women hit the pleasure button 9.17 times in a week.

Denmark and Sweden aren’t far behind their Norwegian neighbours – Scandinavians are notoriously experimental in the bedroom and open to trying new things. The constant throughout is that the women will achieve orgasm 8.89 and 8.82 times per week respectively.

The romance and charm of Italian men sees Italian women spoiled with intimate moments. Italian women are treated to steamy moments throughout the week, and will climax an average of 8.26 times as a result.

Greece is the perfect environment for getting wet and wild, and no moment is spared. On a weekly basis, Greek women say they have sex and climax an average of 7.84 times – and that Mediterranean men have perfected their skills in the bedroom.

German women have no qualms about making their wants and needs known, and German men have no problem in meeting those desires. The average German woman will orgasm 7.63 times a week as a result of her man’s Deutsch diligence.

If you’re wondering why Swiss and Slovakian women always look so healthy and happy, the answer could be that they are having at least one orgasm per day. On average, the Swiss miss and Slovakian siren will climax 7.21 times in a week.

Hungarians aren’t left hungry for pleasure – in fact, the Hungarian honeys are receiving 6.72 orgasms per week from their men.

Austrian men are generous in the bedroom, taking care of their amorous ladies and ensuring they reach orgasm at least 6.44 times per week.

The Polish men are known for being hardworking, and it seems they don’t take a break – even when it comes to bedtime and pleasing their ladies. Polish women are having mind-blowing orgasms approximately 6.37 times per week.

In the Czech Republic, the women are known for being beautiful and blonde, and their men are only too aware they need to keep them satisfied or someone else will be happy to oblige. To keep them from searching for orgasms elsewhere, Czech men please their ladies 5.95 times per week.

Pleasure is being dished out in spades in Portugal, with the ladies being treated to orgasms throughout the week. Portuguese ladies say their men please them 5.67 times per week on average.

When it comes to the OrgasMap, Finnish women finish last. Finnish women have 4.48 orgasms per week, however they are satisfied, saying it’s all about quality not quantity.

Founder and CEO for Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said there’s no excuse for not ensuring women climax during intimate moments, and as often as possible.

“We all know it takes a little more time, effort and interest in learning what makes a woman reach orgasm – and our research shows that women are becoming more confident in saying what they want in order to climax.

“It’s a proven fact that a lot of women across Europe are having more than one orgasm per day. A satisfying sex life is great for mental and physical health and makes daily life so much more enjoyable,” Mr Vedal said.

For more information, please contact   Victoria Milan is one of the world’s leading discreet social networks for men and women seeking a secret affair. The service was launched by media executive, Mr. Sigurd Vedal, in 2010, and has today become one of the world’s fastest-growing and leading social networks for discreet extramarital affairs, surpassing 5 million members worldwide in more than 33 countries.

Top 20 Countries featured on the OrgasMap

per week
Belgium 13.86
France 11.34
Ireland 10.64
United Kingdom 9.87
Spain 9.73
Netherlands 9.31
Norway 9.17
Denmark 8.89
Sweden 8.82
Italy 8.26
Greece 7.84
Germany 7.63
Switzerland 7.21
Slovakia 7.21
Hungary 6.72
Austria 6.44
Poland 6.37
Czech Republic 5.95
Portugal 5.67
Finland 4.48
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