The Positive Side of Infidelity

**In today’s world it is not uncommon for nearly every person you come across to frown at the very thought of infidelity. **

For many they often think of the negative side such as the fact that you are cheating on your significant other.

However, what many people don’t see or think about is the positive side to having an affair and how it has the potential to save your marriage.

For many of you, you may be sitting there and asking yourselves, “Is there really a positive side to infidelity?” There is and here are the many ways that it can actually help to save your marriage.

One of the first ways that having an affair can help to save your marriage is that it can help your wife to turn over a new leaf. For many men the very reason they begin having an affair is simply because they are not being pleased sexually by their wife or they are simply not happy in their marriage. The moment your wife finds out about your infidelity you may be surprised to find that she will be more glad than angry at you. The reason for this is simply because she may be relieved that she no longer has to worry about pleasing you.


Another way that your infidelity may help to save your marriage is that it may bring you and your wife closer together. You may be surprised to find what it is that can bring two people closer together. Infidelity can do this for the pair of you because both of you will be happy simply because the both of you are being pleased. You will be pleased sexually and your wife will be pleased that you are being pleased.

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