Sex in an Elevator: voted #1 fantasy sex location by cheating women

We reveal the locations cheating females fantasize about the most for adventurous sexual encounters.

19% of cheating women dream of an illicit sexual encounter in an elevator. The second most fantasized about location is in a changing room (15%) and third place goes to a Hotel (14%).

Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said it’s natural and normal that years of bedroom sex with the same person becomes boring.

“Our cheating female members have told us loud and clear that years of boring bedroom sex motivates them to start to fantasize about more interesting places to have sex – sometimes with more interesting people,” he said.

Survey Questions

3,568  female members of Victoria Milan polled

Do you fantasize about having sex in unusual places with your lover?

Yes - 84%

Not really - 16%

Where do you fantasize about having a fling?

In an elevator - 19%

In a changing room - 15%

In a hotel - 14%

At the office - 13%

In a train - 10%

In a plane - 9%

At the beach - 8%

In the car - 7%

At the cinema - 3%

Out in nature - 2%

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