8 Tips to Ensure Your Sex Date is Sexy

There is nothing quite as frustrating in life as building up to a sexual encounter, things are getting hot and heavy, just to have something goes awry and totally kill the atmosphere you two have worked to create.

When first having sex with someone, it’s easy to be overwhelmed, especially when you don’t know the person very well. While there is always room for error, there are some easy steps you can take to thwart mood-killing mishaps during your sex date.

Allow enough time

You two have been chatting for a while, and while your messages have been heating up, words alone are not enough. This is especially true for women, but sufficient kissing, touching, and other types of foreplay will make or break a sexual encounter for anyone. “Warming up” is different for us all, but starting off talking is a great way to ease into the situation.

Enjoying a glass of wine or playing a sexy movie such as The Secretary or 50 Shades of Grey are both great ways to take your mind off any tension you may experience. Take your time, explore each other, and have fun!

Pick the right outfit

If he’s into role playing, don your best catsuit or your flirty school girl skirt. If he’s into S&M, it could be your favorite bodycon dress and matching slave collar, or better yet, a body harness and some fishnets. Get creative! The goal here is not only to wear something your sex partner will enjoy, but also choosing something that makes you feel comfortable.

Nothing is sexier than someone who is confident! Another important thing many people forget is wear something that is easy to take off. If it takes a team to remove that corset, you may want to leave it at home.

Be proactive being safe

Safety precautions for someone dabbling in casual sex dates are a must. Taking steps now can assure a healthy future for you both and prohibits any unwanted guests from entering the scene 9 months from now. Regular STD testing will put both of your minds at ease.

If you’re mature enough to engage in adult encounters, you’re adult enough to have a conversation about STD testing prior to meeting. Don’t just take their word for it! Take your health into your own hands and bring condoms!

Choose a proper lovenest

Pick a nice hotel in neutral territory. Selecting a neutral space further assures safety for both of you. Browse a few different places in your price range and pay particular attention to pictures and client ratings. Nothing stifles sexy vibes on a date quite like questionably clean sheets.

Bring equipment

When we are under pressure to perform, especially with a brand new sex partner, sometimes our bodies can fail to comply with our plans. To help derail any awkward situations, bring some assistance! Lube, sex toys, and sex props can all help you and your date back on the right track.

Keep yourself goal-oriented

You set out on this quest for casual sex dates in an attempt to bring more excitement into your life. Don’t allow an inability to perform the first time distract from the fun you two could be having.

Your priority should be making sure that you and your sex partner enjoy the encounter. Once you’ve let go of the pressure you’re putting on yourself, that orgasm you’re searching for will be that much easier to obtain.

Only move to the next stage when you KNOW they’re ready

Just because you two agreed to meet for a sex date, does not mean it’s required. If at any point either of you is feeling anything less than excitement and enthusiasm, hold back. And this includes once foreplay has begun too! With each step of the encounter, keep communication open and be sure your partner wants to proceed.

The rule is NO LONGER no-means-no. Only a verbal “yes” is grounds to move forward.

Be upfront

Once your encounter has come to a close and your clothes are going back on, talk with your partner about future sexual encounters. If you loved it and you want more, tell them how much you appreciated your time together and ask if they’d like to schedule another rendez-vous in the future.

If you’re more of a one and done kind of person, tell them that too. This whole relationship is based on honesty of your intentions, and it’s what got you to this point. Ensure transparency and understanding for you and your partner by keeping each other on the same page.

Sex is not supposed to be too serious, so keep an open mind and have fun with it! Laugh at mistakes, and encourage your partner when they’re feeling a bit nervous. With these tips, let your tension melt away and enjoy your partner and your sex date!

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