Top 5 Countries Where Married Women Cheat Soonest

Victoria Milan a leading dating site for attached adults seeking discrete hookups, reveals the results of their research into the time passing between women getting married and embarking on an affair. They name the top five countries where women choose to cheat on their husbands soonest, and discuss the reasons behind each nation’s outcome.

Their research showed Irish women as cheating on their partners in the shortest time after their nuptials, with just 3.6 years between the ceremony and their first affair. The average age of women looking for extramarital passion was 35.2, and the average marriage age 31.6.

The Irish women questioned blamed a lack of sexual satisfaction within their marriage as the leading cause for straying, while others cited a feeling of neglect. Another reason is today’s greater focus on individual satisfaction and being happy.

Second on the list was Sweden, with women starting affairs 4.1 years after getting married (on average). The average age of women having affairs was 37.4, with a marriage age of 33.3. Sweden famously has a more open approach to sexuality, and the pursuit of physical pleasure and passion may well be more important to Swedish women than in many other countries.

Third on the list was the UK, with an average 4.4 years between marriage and cheating. The average cheating age was 34.4, with a marriage age of 30 being most common. One theory behind Brits’ tendency to cheat was that having an affair is strongly frowned upon by society, making its forbidden status more exciting.

Fourth on the list was Norway, with 5.5 years passing between a woman’s marriage and her first affair. The average age stood at 37.1, with a marriage age of 31.6.

Scandinavians’ sense of individual freedom and personal satisfaction means they are less likely to settle for sub-par, passionless partnerships.

Fifth on Victoria Milan’s list was France, with the length of time between marriage and cheating averaging at 5.7 years. The average cheating age stood at 36.5, with the marriage age 30.8 years old.

Cheating is viewed in a more relaxed way in France than in some countries, with straying often seen as a way to spice a marriage up rather than end it. However, the trend seems to sway more in favour of men, with women often expected to stand by their cheating husbands rather than seek their own side-partner.

“The results of this research are fascinating, as they reveal how much time many women are willing to invest in a marriage before seeking new adventure,” said Sigurd Vedal, founder of Victoria Milan. “In Ireland, married women starting an affair tend to wait between three and four years after getting married, which suggests their craving for fresh passion is higher than many of us would expect.

In Scandinavia and France, of course, views on sexuality and romance are famously different to those in the UK, so it’s a surprise to see women more likely to start affairs in less time there than in the aforementioned countries.

Of course, regardless of the nation in which a woman lives, Western women’s continued independence and equality means they may well feel more inclined to follow their own desires than worrying about society’s reaction. If having an affair will help to reignite a woman’s passion and help her realise just how much she loves her partner, who can blame them for cheating?

1 IRELAND 31.6 35.2 3.6
2 SWEDEN 33.3 37.4 4.1
3 UK 30 34.4 4.4
4 NORWAY 31.6 37.1 5.5
5 FRANCE 30.8 36.5 5.7
6 DENMARK 31.9 37.7 5.8
7 GERMANY 30.9 36.7 5.8
8 PORTUGAL 29.8 35.9 6.1
9 GREECE 29.9 36.3 6.4
10 ITALY 31.3 37.8 6.5

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