Top sex positions to win your gold medal

Get yourself a place on the podium (by having more SEX)!

Stop watching from the sidelines and get into the game! Rather than going through the motions and suffering from a monotonous sex life, channel your inner olympian in the bedroom. Dazzle your lover with spectacular sex moves that are even better for you than they feel for them! Before you know it, your partner will be awarding you with a gold metal of your very own!

No longer will you and your lover have fights about staying in bed to watch the Olympics all day long. This is your chance to learn moves that will help you obtain the stamina you desire.

In a recent Cosmo article the magazine mentioned their own Winter Olympics inspired sex positions, and we decided to take things a step further, not only giving amazing positions, but ones that make you even more amazing at sex by improving your athletic stamina and your sexy physique.

We at Victoria Milan love sex and we take satisfaction seriously. Try these coveted sex moves with your partner, and before you know it, you’ll be shagging like the pros.

1) Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl with Adaptation

Basically it’s girl on top but crouched on her feet rather than on her knees, which transforms a pretty standard position into a deep squat.

This incredible sex move is beloved among men and targets your glutes if you are descending below your knees or your quads if to a 90 degree position. To reap some rewards of his own, the guy can arch his back into a bridge while squeezing his glutes for an amazing butt/back workout.

2) Doggy Style

Another classic that is vastly underused to it’s true potential, which is where . When the girl is on all-fours, this is a great core, chest, and arm workout for her. The guy gets to enjoy the benefits of a good glute, hip, and quad exercise, and she can share in the same benefits by standing as well and bracing against a wall.

3) Standing

Whether doing it up against a wall or even when the man is holding her up on his own, this is one of the best positions for a guy to get a great workout. Legs, glutes, abs and back all must work hard to stabilize you both, while your arms hold her up and help you move independently.

Ladies, if you’re sick of your man having all the fun, it can be incredible exercise to move your arms and legs in sync to his rhythm to help move things along.

4) Lotus

In this typically docile position, the woman faces her partner with her legs are wrapped around his waist, and she is seated in his folded legs. When fully using your legs and glutes to push off of the floor while engaging your abs for stabilization.

When done properly, it can be a more intense workout for your core and legs than cowgirl, simply because your legs are out in front of you. Rather than being able to rely on having good leverage, you must exert more force to move. Voila! Sore muscles for days!

5) Missionary

From the guy’s perspective, this is one of the most active positions you can try. You’re pretty much planking and moving into the yoga pose upward dog, which utilizes the glutes to push your back into a pretty deep arch, while also using the core and legs. Not difficult enough? Try putting a foot forward into a lunge and maining that stance for a while.

The ladies can benefit from this position too by either arching their backs up into a bridge or stretching their legs over his shoulders. Both options work out the core, glutes and legs, as long as you are maintaining resistance in your muscles.

The most important exercise you and your partner can do together during sex is one that sadly, often goes unnoticed. When working out, most people are concerned with superficial or “glamour” muscles such as biceps, glutes, pectorals. Since this is about exercising to become even better at sex, you had better show those sex muscles some love!

6) Kegels

Yes, you’re right, this isn’t actually a sex position. It is however a sexual technique that can be used no matter what position you’re in, and it makes all of them better!

By flexing your pelvic muscles, both men and women have the power to produce or delay orgasms, while also making intercourse way more sensational for your partner! The benefits just keep rolling in, as it helps both of you maintain sexual health as you age.

Exercising these sometimes forgotten muscles is the true secret sexually immortalizing yourself in the eyes of every sexual partner you have from now on.

To make the most out of your “training”, be sure to have sex often and be serious about it! Intensity and engaging your muscles ensures you get the most from all the different positions you and your partner try, plus it makes it that much more passionate!

Just as we all tend to lose our social lives when the Olympics roll around, your newfound sexual freedom is a full time commitment and you might barely find a break to eat, let alone go out on the weekends. All the fun you need can be found in the bedroom.

Not only is the right sex fun and exciting, it can also rival that of olympic athletes! Take your time and have fun scouring sex positions for the ones with potential and you’ll soon brag an athletic physique that rivals a god’s. For their full article visit Cosmo here. To find your unlimited source for adventurous sex partners join Victoria Milan HERE.

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