Top sex positions to win your gold medal

Get yourself a place on the podium (by having extra SEX)!

Stop only watching the games, rather use them and reinvent the Olympics to heat up your bedroom. There are many promising positions to finish the Olympics having a sexy athletic body and your partner will award you with a personal gold medal.

Additionally there won’t be any further fights about watching the Olympics all day long, since you proved it’s a good thing to do.

Oh YEAH, it is this period of the year again. During the Olympics the world stops turning and all you do is sitting in front of your TV watching the Olympics all day long! Actually it’s full time entertainment and you barely find a break to cook some healthy food, or to socialize.

Aren’t the Olympics like sex? Ecstasy, a constant thrill, sexy athletics and the striving for a highlight? The new Olympic Karma Sutra can make you to a real world champion sex machine.

In a recent Cosmo article the sexy magazine outlined their top pics for Winter Olympics inspired sex positions, and because we at Victoria Milan, love sex and creativity (specially getting creative with sex) we wanted to clue you guys in so that you can get writing private messages and see who will take you on to experiment these new tricks!

For the full article visit Cosmo and for willing sex adventurous partners join Victoria Milan HERE

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