Cougar Life Review From Victoria Milan

Cougar Life Review - Victoria Milan

Cougar life is one of the online dating sites that most people know. It serves worldwide with millions of users. So how is the Cougar Life in terms of use and is it a good option to choose?

Victoria Milan did the Cougar Life Review for you today. In this way, if you are considering using Cougar Life, you can discover its positive and negative sides in a shorter way. So now let’s move on to our Cougar Life review.

Introduction to Cougar Life

Introduction to Cougar Life

Cougar Life is a platform that has been serving since 2006 and is among the leaders. The purpose of the site is to enable people who think that love has nothing to do with age to come together and meet. It enables mature women or men to meet young people. The stream of the site is live. More than 500,000 users are online on the site every month. For these reasons, our review of the Cougar Life First Review was positive. Now let’s move on to more details.

Cougar Life’s Initial Process

When you visit Cougar Life’s website, a modern, stylish and minimal design welcomes you. In addition, the navigation of the website is very functional. In this way, it provides easy use to its users. In addition, you will not encounter ads like on different dating sites. This is one of the positive sides. From these perspectives, our Cougar Life review is progressing in a very positive direction. Now let’s take a look at the registration process.

Cougar Life’s Registration Process

Signing up for Cougar Life is quick and easy. The site asks you for your general information and to fill in the blanks. First you need to enter your e-mail address and then the username and password you want to use. Afterwards, it asks you to write your general information such as your name, surname, date of birth, gender and height. After entering this information and accepting all terms and rules, you can now start using Cougar Life.

Cougar Life asks you to solve common survey questions like your hobbies so you can find better matches. But you do not have to fill out this questionnaire. You can also solve it after you start using it. Overall, our review of the Cougar Life Enrollment Process is generally good.

Cougar Life Filtering System

Quickly continuing our Cougar Life Review. Our current review is about the filtering system. You do not need to pay to access the filter system in Cougar Life. This is one of its advantages. You can search for “All cubs” and “Recently online”. Here you can access a lot of personal information such as age, physical appearance and ethnicity. You can also use the “Find a date for tonight” page if you need a one night stand. You can filter specific properties such as location and get a better list of results.

Cougar Life's Registration Process

Cougar Life Communication Process

The next step in our Cougar Life Review is the communication part. If you are a standard member, you can communicate with users. You can also show that you really care with the Flirt sending feature. It also lets you get notifications when someone adds you to their favorite list. This is a good opportunity to keep different profiles in your pocket.

If you have a paid membership, you can message other people. And if you want to stand out even more, you can attract the attention of users with paid gifts. This way, you can go one step further. Another fun aspect of Cougar Life is the private photo exchange. But this is also a paid function. On the other hand, it allows you to have many exciting experiences. So it’s not so bad if you pay some fee.

When we look at the communication review of Cougar Life in general, although you can use it for free, it is limited. That’s why you need a paid membership. And paying for almost any feature can be annoying.

Cougar Life Mobile App Review

You can access Cougar Life’s mobile application from both Android and IOS devices. Having a mobile application of Cougar Life is a great advantage. Because now many people in daily life can be quite busy and sometimes even do not have time to turn on the computer.

Therefore, having a mobile application feature is a very advantageous feature. As for the design features; There is a design close to the website design in pink and white colors. It is simple, stylish and modern, just like its website. For these reasons, Cougar Life managed to get a passing grade in our mobile app review.

Cougar Life Free Edition Review

Since the free version of Cougar Life is limited, you don’t actually have much opportunity to move around. But if we list them, you can access the following features.

  • Become a member.
  • Adding your personal photos.
  • Appointment calling function.
  • Ability to access some photos of other members.
  • Option to send flirting.
  • Ability to access disclosures and other personal information.

Cougar Life Paid Membership Review

Cougar Life’s paid membership provides access to many features. This makes it easy to find a date quickly. With your paid membership, it also offers you suggestions based on your personal information and the filters you use. In this way, you increase the probability of finding the partner you are looking for. The features of the paid membership are as follows.

  • Ability to send and read messages.
  • Priority messaging feature.
  • Ability to send gifts.
  • Being first in the chat list of other members.

Cougar Life Price Policy

Cougar Life offers three different options as a fee policy. These are as follows.

                  Membership Price
1 Month membership and 100 free credits.$40,00
3 Months membership and 500 free credits.$87,00
12 Months membership and 3000 free credits.$144,00

It allows you to find the partner you are looking for easier and faster with paid memberships. Since the free version of Cougar Life is limited, you have to purchase a paid membership if you want to use it. But these fees for finding the love of your life are quite reasonable.

Positive and Negative Sides of Paid Membership

+ Possibility to read and write messages.

+ The chance to impress the user you meet with the gift sending feature.

+ Opportunity to exchange private photos

– Prices are slightly more expensive than other competitors.

Cougar Life Safety Review

Cougar Life takes safety very seriously. It even guarantees that it is almost 100% safe. Having a strong verification system helps prevent fraud. You can do all your transactions securely. And these transactions are well protected. But despite all these safety precautions, you should still be cautious. Because you never know exactly who the person you are talking to is. But if your goal is to make friends, you can enjoy pleasant conversations.

Cougar Life Customer Service Review

You can reach Cougar Life’s customer service in two ways. The first is the application form. You can access the application form from the “Contact Us” section. The second is the telephone helpline. You can reach customer representatives from 9 am to 7 pm. And yes unfortunately it is not 24/7. We also have to say that they have a polite and experienced team of staff. Very helpful customer representatives will support you in solving your problems.


Yes, we learned all the positives and negatives in our Cougar Life review. Now comes the conclusion part. We can highly recommend it for young men looking for mature women. There are quite a few options for young men. The database is quite large, and its interface and use is simple. The probability of coming across fake profile accounts is very low. It’s just a little expensive in terms of pricing. But when we consider all these features, you can use Cougar Life to find the partner you are looking for.

That’s all for now from the “Cougar Life Review” content prepared by Victoria Milan for you! If you are looking for more content like this, you can visit Victoria Milan’s blog and stay tuned.

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Cougar Life price

FAQ About Cougar Life

Can I Find the Partner I’m Looking for in Cougar Life?

Yes, of course! Thousands of users find new partners every day and have a good time together. You can easily find the partner you are looking for in Cougar Life. For more detailed information about Cougar Life, you can visit our “Cougar Life Review” content.

Is Cougar Life Free?

Signing up for Cougar Life is free. But the free version is quite limited. For this reason, you may want to buy a paid membership. To learn more about Cougar Life’s pricing policy, you can read our “Cougar Life Review” content.

Is Cougar Life Safe to Use?

Yes, of course! Cougar Life attaches great importance to safety. In fact, Cougar Life claims to be almost 100% safe. Therefore, you can use it with peace of mind. To learn more about Cougar Life’s security measures, you can visit our “Cougar Life Review” content.

How Old Do I Have to Be to Join Cougar Life?

If you want to use Cougar Life, you must be 18 years old. However, the average age of women is usually forty. And men are usually younger. For more detailed information about Cougar Life, you can visit our “Cougar Life Review” content.

How Often Can I Message on Cougar Life?

There are no restrictions on how often you can send messages in Cougar Life. But the messaging feature requires a Premium subscription. To learn more about Cougar Life’s pricing policy, you can read our “Cougar Life Review” content.

Does Cougar Life Have a Mobile App?

Yes, you can access Cougar Life’s mobile application on Android and IOS devices. You can download it for free from both Google Play Store and Appstore. For more detailed information about Cougar Life, you can visit our “Cougar Life Review” content.

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