Hinge Review: Is Hinge Legit Or A Scam?

hinge review is hinge legit or a scam

One of the names that comes to mind when dating apps are mentioned is Hinge. Hinge is one of the dating apps that serves with millions of users. Hinge is a dating application that serves with attractive communication tools and quality design. But are these enough for a dating app?

Today, Victoria Milan prepared  “Hinge Review: Is Hinge Legit Or A Scam?” content for you! In this way, you can find out whether you should use Hinge or not. If you are ready, let’s quickly jump to our review details. Here is our Hinge Review content.

Hinge Review

Hinge Review: Overview

Let’s start our Hinge review with an overview. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons together and examine its features.


Powerful ProfilesThe app offers limited likes for members who do not purchase Premium.
You can like profiles in many different ways.There is no desktop version.
Strong interaction between photos and text.
Video chat and audio recording features.


Hinge features 
Video CallYes
Desktop ApplicationNo
Mobile ApplicationYes
Ability to Use with a Free AccountYes
Minimum Premium Membership FeeMonthly $19,99

Hinge Registration Process Review

Hinge unfortunately does not have a website version. Therefore, you need to download the Hinge application to your phone. You can access it from both Android and IOS application markets.

After downloading the application, you can complete your registration process with your Facebook account or mobile phone number. When you register with your Facebook account and allow access, Hinge will try to match you with your friends’ mutual friends. Of course, when making these matches, it will also consider your criteria.

Then you have to enter your personal information. You need to choose your neighborhood, height, ethnicity, and information such as religion. If you don’t want to, you can also use the “Prefer Not to Tell” button. Hinge has divided the “about you” section into three.

These are; “Virtues, Vital Conditions and Evils”. You can also answer these questions or keep them confidential. You can also create a 150-character text. When we look at these features, we can say that he wants to create a different profile structure by stepping out of the ordinary. For this reason, our Hinge Review is positive in this regard.

Hinge Interface And Profiles Review

Now, let’s continue our Hinge review with the interface and profiles. Hinge is actually a mix of apps like Tinder, Okcupid, and Match. We can say that it is like gathering the good features of all of them on a single platform.

When viewing profiles, you’ll see a large profile picture that you may like or are more likely to match. We can say that this is a feature taken from Tinder. And with these, Match and Okcupidin, a structure that adopts the understanding of fun and depth, welcomes you.

Hinge Profiles serve its users with various and lively profile designs. You come across bios that are stylish and often contain intense information in monochrome. The information in the profile is not scattered and you can quickly access the information.

This deep and high quality approach explains Hinge profiles quite well.

When we look at these results, we can say that Hinge has a very pleasant, high quality and efficient design in terms of interface and profiles. For these reasons, we can say that it has a good rating in our Hinge Review in terms of interface and profiles.

hinge registration process review

Hinge Premium Membership Review

Let’s continue our Hinge Review now with the Premium membership service. Hinge also allows free users to use it. But as you can imagine, this version is quite limited. Hinge does not offer many likes during the day.

It provides maybe 10 to 12 likes. But you will also encounter a much faster algorithm compared to Tinder, which gives more than 100 likes per day depending on the relationship status you are looking for. In other words, you can find the partner you are looking for in the Hinge app faster than Tinder.

If you really want to use Hinge, you have to switch to a paid membership. Preferred membership prices are as follows;

1-month subscription: $19.99.

3-month membership: $39.99.

6-month subscription: $59.99.

With a paid membership, you get unlimited likes. However, you can see the people who like you. If you are a free user, you can only see the likes if they are mutual. You can also filter matches using various methods. For example, you can find the right matches with many filters such as education, bad habits, religion, family plan and politics. For these reasons, our Hinge Review is very positive in terms of Premium membership.

Hinge Video Chat Review

Let’s continue our Hinge Review now with the video chat feature. We would like to congratulate Hinge on this. Because it added the video chat feature that is not available in most dating apps and took it to a different dimension. Hinge doesn’t just allow you to video chat.

It also contains tips to keep your conversation going during the video call. It offers you 8 categories during video call. And it gives you 5 different options where you click on any of these categories. In this way, you can continue the conversation without interruption.

In our opinion, this unique feature is quite original and high quality. With this feature, we can say that Hinge has taken video chat to another dimension. For these reasons, the video chat feature received a high rating from our Hinge Review.

Hinge Review: Conclusion

In general, we can say that Hinge is a quality dating app that offers very nice features. If you want to use Hinge, this is a good choice. As a negative feature, we can only say that there is no website and a limited free version. Apart from these, Hinge is a pretty good application to use.

“Hinge Review: Is Hinge Legit Or A Scam?” prepared for you by Victoria Milan. That’s it for the review for now! If you are looking for more content like this, you can visit Victoria Milan’s blog and stay tuned. See you in our next article.

FAQ About Hinge Review

Is Hinge a Good Dating Site?

Yes, Hinge is a good dating site when examined in terms of general features and lines. It offers a good user experience with its various features and modern design. For more information about Hinge, go to “Hinge Review: Is Hinge Legit Or A Scam?” You can browse our content.

Is Hinge A Hookup App?

Actually, Hinge is more of a relationship-oriented practice. The purpose of the application is already in this direction. But if you want to try your luck, of course you can! Because not all users use the application only for this purpose. For more information about Hinge, go to “Hinge Review: Is Hinge Legit Or A Scam?” You can browse our content.

Is Hinge Safe?

Yes of course! Hinge is a legal app and very safe. It has a highly developed encryption infrastructure for users. In this way, you can use Hinge with peace of mind. For more information about Hinge, go to “Hinge Review: Is Hinge Legit Or A Scam?” You can browse our content.

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