Collarspace Review From Victoria Milan

collarspace review from victoria milan

Collarspace is one of the most popular sex dating apps in the world, made up of the BDSM community. The old name of Collarspace was Collarme. Minor changes took place after Collarme’s founder sold all the legal rights to the app to another company. So, have these changes been positive or negative?

Victoria Milan did a Collarspace Review for you today and evaluated the positive and negative aspects for you. This way, if you are considering using Collarspace, you can make better decisions about your willingness to use it thanks to our content. Here is our Collarspace Review we prepared for you.

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What is Collarspace?

Collarspace is the world’s largest BDSM community serving the world. The purpose of Collarspace is to introduce users with BDSM fantasies. It has approximately 1.6 million users worldwide. This is one of the reasons that makes Collarspace the most popular BDSM community.

Collarspace Profile Review

As we said before, Collarspace is a platform for the BDSM community. It is a platform used by people who are obedient, dominant and even gay. Since its users are usually sex-oriented, you can have conversations about this topic directly. In fact, most of the users do not hesitate to upload their nude photos on their profiles. Once you start chatting, you can schedule a meeting and enjoy the night.

Collarspace Profile Quality Review

In our Collarspace Review, we’ll now take a look at profile quality. The profile quality of Collarspace is actually not at a sufficient level. Brief information is given in the profiles. However, since you specify your preferences during registration, your chances of reaching the right users increase. Profile pictures are large, but they also cause you to encounter blurry photos.

Collarspace Members

We are rapidly continuing our Collarspace review. As we said before, Collarspace has 1.6 million members. And about 15 thousand users a day spend time on the site. The male and female ratios of users are; It is 70% male and 30% female. 55% of users are from the US, 17% are from the UK, and 5% are from Canada. Especially if you live in America, you can easily find the partner you are looking for.

Collarspace Record Review

Collarspace Record Review

As a result of our Collarspace registration review, we can say that the registration process is quite simple. You only come across important questions and not too many other questions. To register, simply enter your name and e-mail address. You must then select the answers to questions such as your BDSM preferences and sexuality from the list. You can then upload a photo and write a 150-character text in your bio.

Collarspace User Experience

Our current topic in our Collarspace review is user experience. Collarspace’s design is rather old and useless. Because of this design, it is not positive in terms of user experience. There are many different tabs and it usually takes some time to understand what you have chosen. From our Collarspace review we can say that this website really needs an update. For these reasons, Collarspace has failed as an interface design.

Collarspace Chat Review

Our next Collarspace Review is about chat. Once you become a free Collarspace member, you can start messaging without paying any money. From this point of view, it is very advantageous in terms of use. There are three different chat modes. Standard chat, chat room, and a public chat board. You can start a chat any way you want, according to your preferences. It should also be noted that many of the members create interesting discussion topics.

Collarspace Mobile App Review

Unfortunately Collarspace does not currently have a mobile app for you to use! The lack of a mobile application for a platform with such a large community is a big disadvantage. That’s why Collarspace failed in our review.

Is Collarspace Safe?

We are rapidly continuing our Collarspace review. Our next review is about security! Collarspace is a platform where you can easily share your sexual fantasies. However, it is recommended to be careful when you decide to meet, even on high-security dating sites.

In our Collarspace security review, we have to say that we encountered a lot of scammer profiles. Usually users request money before meeting with you. We think this is one of the biggest disadvantages of being completely free. Although there is a profile approval process on the site within 24 to 48 hours, this is still not an obstacle for scammers. Therefore, if you are going to use Collarspace, you should be very careful.


The conclusion of our Collarspace review is generally negative. Even though users have verified profiles, there are too many scammers. This causes a huge security hole. In addition, the interface design negatively affects the user experience. One of the positive aspects is that it is free. Of course, we know that being free is not enough reason for you. That’s why Collarspace failed in our review. If you are looking for a sex partner, it is useful to turn to better options.

That’s all for now from the “Collarspace Review” content prepared by Victoria Milan for you! If you are looking for more content like this, you can visit Victoria Milan’s blog and stay tuned.

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Is Collarspace Free

FAQ About Collarspace Review

Is Collarspace Free?

Signing up for Collarspace is completely free. It also allows you to use features such as messaging for free. After registration, your account will be reviewed and approved within 24 to 48 hours. For more information about Collarspace, you can visit our “Collarspace Review” content.

Is Collarspace Worth It?

Although Collarspace offers benefits such as free usage, it is not secure in terms of security. For this reason, it is useful to take a look at different alternatives. If you are looking for sex dating apps, we recommend Victoria Milan. You can find the partner you are looking for quickly, easily and securely.

From our Collarspace reviews, we can say that it’s not exactly. There are many fake accounts and scammers. Therefore, our advice for you is to turn to alternative sex dating apps. In this way, you can follow a safer route.

Is Collarspace Safe?

Collarspace approves your account within 24 to 48 hours of signing up. However, although it has an approval process, Collarspace is not secure. There are many fake accounts and scammers. Therefore, we do not recommend using it.

Who Owns Collarspace?

Collarspace is owned by Bayshore Software Technologies of California.

How to Unblock Someone on Collarspace

Unfortunately, if you have blocked a user on Collarspace, you cannot unblock them. That’s why we advise you to think twice before blocking a user on Collarspace. For more information about Collarspace, you can visit our “Collarspace Review” content.

How Can I Contact Collarspace for Support?

You can access the support tab from the main menu of the website. The Collarspace team will serve you here for help and support.

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