How To Help Your Spouse Heal From Your Affair? (7 Ways)

How To Help Your Spouse Heal From Your Affair

Have you had an affair? Want to get your spouse to forgive you? You can and this article tells you how. There is still a chance for reconciliation if you can work at it. Make no mistake about that and don’t allow anyone to make you feel otherwise.

No matter what the circumstances are, it’s never too late to try and heal the damage done. But one thing I would like to add is knowing when to stop trying and making a decision as to whether or not your spouse is going to come back or not.

Following your cheating or affair, think hard about why your spouse left in the first place. Was it because of your affair or was there another reason? If they left while they were angry think twice before you approach them again but if they left because they wanted time, go ahead and try! In this article we will learn how to help your spouse heal from your affair.

Sincerely Apologize To Your Spouse

Sincerely Apologize To Your Spouse

There is nothing more important than apologizing to your spouse. An apology is necessary because it shows that you understand the pain you have caused and that you regret your actions. Apologizing gives closure and helps the healing process begin. When you apologize, use the words “I’m sorry” and mean them. If your spouse tries to forgive you, do not try to justify your actions. Accepting responsibility for your actions will help build trust again later on. If your spouse does not accept your apology, don’t push the issue. Instead, continue to apologize for a week or so until he or she comes around.

In this situation, an apology should be genuine and heartfelt. If you are just saying these words because you want to get back together with him or her, they will know that it is insincere and only a matter of time before they find out what really happened. Be prepared that they may never forgive you. The best thing you can do is give them time to heal and move on with their lives without any interference from you.

Acknowledge The Pain You’ve Caused And Your Reasons For Cheating

Acknowledge the pain you’ve caused and your reasons for cheating. Your spouse needs to hear that you understand why they are upset, and how what you did was wrong. It’s important for you to validate their feelings without making excuses or trying to justify your behavior.

Take responsibility for the affair, even if there were problems in your marriage. The affair was your choice and your responsibility regardless of the state of your marriage at the time. Admit that you made a mistake and hurt the person you love most in this world.

Be prepared for lots of intense emotions from your spouse as they try to process what happened. This can include anger, sadness, fear and mistrust. Don’t take it personally when these emotions come out; it’s part of the healing process for them.

Give your spouse the time they need to heal on their own schedule. There is no set time frame for dealing with infidelity, including moving past it and deciding whether or not to stay with you.

Don’t Try To Minimize Or Trivialize What You’ve Done

Don’t try to minimize or trivialize what you’ve done. If you do, it will only make your spouse feel worse. You will have to recognize that this was a serious affair. It may have been physical, emotional or both. Whatever the case, there were intense feelings and emotions involved. They may not have been as deep as they were with your spouse, but they were still there. Your spouse needs to hear that you truly understand how deeply you hurt him or her.

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Approach Your Spouse With Humility

Approach your spouse with humility. If you have any hope of surviving infidelity and continuing in your relationship, you must approach your spouse with great humility. When we are wounded by the faithlessness of our partner, we are often filled with an overwhelming desire to punish the guilty party. To achieve this, we will often turn to condescension and verbal assaults. All of this is understandable in light of the pain that we feel. However, it is absolutely essential that you approach your spouse with genuine humility if you want to be able to share a healthy marriage after infidelity.

The best way to approach your spouse with humility is to not make excuses for your behavior. There are many reasons why we cheat on our spouses, but none of them are reasons that justify our behavior. In addition, we should openly acknowledge the pain that our actions have caused our spouse. Furthermore, we should take responsibility for our actions and not try to shift blame to anyone else.

Grant Privacy And Space

In a informative tone: This is the most important step you can take to help your spouse heal. As much as possible, your spouse needs to learn to trust that you are not going back to the affair partner. That means not texting, messaging, or calling them. Your spouse will be extremely sensitive to seeing any messages from the affair partner, even if it’s just a quick text saying “hi.” You should be giving your spouse access to any passwords and/or accounts so that they can see for themselves that there is no contact with the affair partner. If there are any hidden accounts or texts or emails, your spouse will find out about them eventually and this will set back their healing process. So don’t lie or hide things from your spouse. Give them all of the information they ask for.

If you don’t grant privacy and space, expect your spouse to start snooping and going through your phone or computer and monitoring everything you do. That’s because they are afraid of being hurt again by finding out that you’ve been lying to them about still being in touch with the affair partner. If you’re hiding something, they’re going to think it’s because you’re still in love with the affair partner. So let go of all contact with the affair.

Be Prepared To Wait, It’s Going To Take Time

The most important thing for you to know about helping your spouse heal from your affair is that it will take time. It is not something that will be fixed in a week or a month, but given the depth of trauma that your spouse has experienced, you must be prepared to wait out the healing process. You cannot rush it with words or actions. Second only to this is the fact that they will have good days and bad days – do not expect them to make any sort of linear progress. They will still have good moments and bad moments long after the affair has ended and you are working on healing this together.

Expecting your spouse to get over the affair in a short period of time is also unfair because you are setting unrealistic expectations for what would be an amazing accomplishment by any standard. There are no timelines on grief and betrayal. You both just have to work through it as best as possible, knowing that there will be setbacks and successes along the way.

Be Open, Honest And Transparent Now, And Be Willing To Do Whatever It Takes To Rebuild Trust

The first step to rebuilding trust is to be open, honest and transparent now. That means being open about your phone and email, giving access to your passwords, and showing complete transparency in all areas of your life. It may be uncomfortable, but it is necessary.

Second, be willing to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to rebuild trust. Trust doesn’t happen overnight. Rebuilding trust is a process that happens over time as your spouse sees you consistently follow through with what you say you will do.

Third, work with your spouse’s counselor or therapist to establish a plan for rebuilding trust. This plan will serve as a road map and accountability measure while you are working through the recovery process together.

In shortyl you have to do whatever she needs. In this way you can help your spouse heal from your affair.

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FAQ About How To Help Your Spouse Heal From Your Affair?

How Long Does It Take For A Spouse To Get Over An Affair?

Sadly, there is no simple answer for this question. The amount of time varies from person to person and depends on many factors, including how serious the affair was, whether the couple has children together, if they live together, and many other things. Some people may be able to move on in just a few months while others need years before they feel like they are done healing from the pain of betrayal.

What Percentage Of Marriages Recover From An Affair?

The first study was done in 1986 by Janis Abrams Spring and Michael Spring. They surveyed 500 couples who had been through infidelity, and found that 68% of the marriages had survived. The study was repeated in 1991 with 1,000 couples and the results were similar (65% survived). In 2004, the Springs conducted a third study which included 538 couples, but only 45% of those marriages survived.

How Do You Help Your Partner After You Cheated?

Sincerely Apologize To Your Spouse.

Acknowledge The Pain You’ve Caused And Your Reasons For Cheating.

Don’t Try To Minimize Or Trivialize What You’ve Done.

Approach Your Spouse With Humility.

Grant Privacy And Space.

Be Prepared To Wait, It’s Going To Take Time.

Be Open, Honest And Transparent Now, And Be Willing To Do Whatever It Takes To Rebuild Trust.

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