Why You Should Have More Sex Today?

As if you needed more to love, there’s more to sex that you don’t know and yet you’ve been benefiting from it all along. In addition to feeling really great, getting laid has more to offer you than you ever expected.

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We all know sex can bring us babies and create incredible bonds between the participants, but scientists continue to discover even more about the profound influence sex has on us. Chalk these positives down as some more reasons to get down with your partner today.

Not only is knowledge power, but it’s pretty fun realizing some of the amazing health benefits your favorite hobby can bring you. Search through our 6 million members for the perfect sex partner and start enjoying the benefits of having sex.

1) Strengthens Immune System

He’s not just being sleazy and trying to convince you to fuck. When he tells you sex will cure you of your ailment, it’s the truth.

Sexually active men and women benefit from more of the antibodies that help fight off germs and viruses. Having sex once or twice a week is enough to see a noticeable difference in your number of sick days.

2) Improves Pelvic Strength

The inability to control one’s bladder, or incontinence, is something many men and many more women can face in old age.

Regular pelvic floor exercises prevent most men and women from facing bladder control problems. Not only do strong pubococcygeal muscles mean a more graceful descent into elderly life, it also gives better control to even stronger orgasms.

Along with using different techniques including kegels and ben wa balls, a good, old fashioned orgasm causes intense contractions that work just as well and are free to do as often as you’d like!

3) Reduces Risk for Prostate Cancer

An orgasm is known to help clear toxins from our bodies. Ejaculating at least once a month has been shown to be enough for men to reap the rewards.

4) Easy Exercise

As you may have noticed, sex can be a really great workout. The chemicals released from a good lay are the same as the ones that give athletes their “runner’s high”.

The calories burned depend completely on the positions, duration, and how engaged your muscles are, but this is sexy workout is worth squeezing into your busy schedule.

5) Helps Heart Health

A 16-year study done by the New England Research Institute found that men who had sex at least twice a week were found to be half as likely to suffer from a stroke, compared to those who had sex less than once a month.

It was thought that both the emotional and physical effects contributed to their reduced risk for hypertension and other heart problems.

6) Natural Pain Killer

When a woman’s clitorus and vagina are physically stimulated, pain relieving endorphins are released. The natural analgesic quality is all thanks to having a similar chemical structure to morphine.

In a study done by Rutgers University on the influence coitus plays on a person’s senses, women were found to have their pain cut in half while climaxing, without changing sensitivity. A man or woman will enjoy the benefits of the pain reducing hormones for two whole days after sex!

The next time you have a headache, sore muscles, or even period cramps, solve your problem by popping clothes off, not bottles.

7) Supports Healthy Sleep

Especially for men, getting laid means getting sleepy. In studies about sleep deprivation and insomnia, an active sex life was shown to have more immediate results more than taking a medicinal sleep aid.

The hormones serotonin and prolactin are to thank for the euphoric and sleepy feeling we get immediately after climaxing, and nearly 60 percent of us experience this.

8) Boosts Your Allure

If you’ve ever felt like you get hit on more often when you have an active sex life, you were right.

When engaging in sex, a woman’s body will release high levels of estrogen and men release similar levels of testosterone. These extra hormones are secreted when you sweat as pheromones and are picked up by others through your scent. This will cause their body to naturally react, subconsciously preparing them to have sex with you!

The more sex you have, the more sex appeal your pheromones give off.

9) Releases Stress

If you’ve ever heard the term “sexual frustration”, you probably weren’t aware how accurately it describes the situation. Sex is a huge release of built up energy, but the euphoria felt after orgasm occurs after high levels of oxytocin are secreted by the body.

Men and women over 50 have even reported more positive feelings about life and aging.

10) Makes You More Attractive

Of course, sex promotes skin renewal because it is an aerobic form of exercise, but in addition it increases blood flow, oxygen, as well as estrogen. Estrogen is the hormone that regulates the production and absorption of our skin’s collagen and elastic fibers.

Not only will your skin look healthier for longer, having sex will give you a great body too!

11) Shortens Period Duration

Having sex doesn’t influence your actual ovulation cycle unless, of course, you get pregnant. However, in addition to reducing the pain and extent of cramps, the contractions that occur during orgasm do seem to shorten the length of the actual period for most women.

12) Raises Confidence / Self Esteem

The comfort and companionship received from a healthy sex life is often enough to change a person’s self worth and their outlook on life in general. While it seems small, having someone work to please you and visa versa can truly make a person feel important.

Feeling sexy, dating, and having positive sexual experiences are important and all work together to help a person feel even more capable of handling future social endeavors.

Positive associations you get from a banging sex life can help outside of the bedroom too!

13) Fights Depression

Half of intimacy’s role played on a person’s mental wellbeing is linked to companionship, however sex literally changes your chemical makeup to make you happier! When receiving sexual stimulation and while orgasming, our bodies naturally release doses of oxytocin, the hormone that makes us feel happy.

If you’ve ever felt “love stoned” or stupefied post coitis, that was the oxytocin doing its thing. Lower levels of oxytocin have been linked to postpartum depression in mothers as well as low levels of important thyroid hormones.

Having sex at least once a week is enough to keep you and your partner satisfied and happy.

14) Fortifies Bones

As regular sex boosts estrogen levels in women, it offers some protection against osteoporosis, a ­bone-thinning condition which is triggered by a lack of oestrogen.

In addition, oxytocin has been found to potentially increase bone density, so bone up if you want to keep a strong skeleton!

15) Battles Memory Loss

Men and women of any age who have regular and satisfying sex have displayed an increase in cranial nerve growth, crucial to mental alertness.

Men and women over 50 who have sex regularly score higher at memory and aptitude tests than those who don’t.

16) Makes you want to have more sex

Not only does frequent intercourse help men develop control, but it also aids a woman’s body in producing more lubrication, therefore making sex feel even better.

The chemicals released during intercourse and after orgasming help you further connect with your partner, and Oxytocin is positively linked to a tighter parent-child bond.

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Aside from procreating, sex is incredibly fun, and when done right has incredible benefits for both men and women. These are just some of the many positive outcomes of a healthy sex life, but feel free to try and find more with your partner!

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