4 Ways To Get Old Kik Messages Back

4 ways to get old kik messages back

There are many ways to get your old Kik messages back. If you use the right app and follow these guidelines, you can retrieve your old kik messages and restore them to your Kik account even if they weren’t sent by you. In this article we will explain how to get back your old kik messages.

1- Use Google Drive To Get Old Kik Messages Back

If you want to get old Kik messages back from Android, you can use Google Drive as your tool. It’s a cloud-based storage service that gives you access to all your data from any device at any time.

Here is how to get old Kik messages back with Google Drive:

On your Android phone, open Settings and go to Accounts & sync.

Tap Google > Account Sync > Enable Sync > App Data

Open Kik on your phone and go to Settings. Tap Chat Settings > Backup Conversations and tap OK when asked if you want to create a backup of your conversations. This will upload the current chat history from Kik to Google Drive.

Once the upload is complete, uninstall and reinstall Kik on your phone. When prompted, choose Restore from Backup after reinstating it.

2- Use Android Backup To Get Old Kik Messages Back

You can use Android Backup to get your old Kik messages back. The Android backup will save the data of your phone, including the messages and pictures on Kik. Then you can restore the Kik messages from the backup.

Here we introduce the step-by-step guide for you to recover Kik messages with Android Backup.

Step 1. Connect your device to computer via USB cable and open it as a removable USB drive.

Step 2. Navigate to folder: /data/data/com.kik.android/databases/, copy “msgstore.db” file from device to PC and rename it as “msgstore_old.db”.

Step 3. Uninstall Kik app from your device and reinstall it again on Play Store, launch it and sign in with the same account on which you sent the lost Kik messages to yourself before.

Step 4. Go back to folder: /data/data/com.kik.android/databases/, copy “msgstore_old.db” file again from PC to this folder and overwrite the existing one on device, then relaunch Kik app on device

3- Use Cloud To Get Old Kik Messages Back

The first thing you need to do is to create a Cloud account and download the Cloud app on your mobile device. If you want to recover deleted Kik messages from your iPhone, you should download the Cloud app from Apple Store and install it on your iPhone. If you want to get all your old Kik messages back from Android phone, you should download the Cloud app from Google Play and install it on your Android phone.

Get your old Kik messages back with Cloud

Step 1: Log in your Cloud account and click on “Backup & restore” to get started.

Step 2: Select the file type you want to restore (messages in this case), and then click on “Restore” button to proceed.

Step 3: You can select the backup you want to restore from from the drop-down list, and then click on “Restore Now” button to start the backup.

4- Kik Messenger Chats Or Photos In Kik History

You can get your old Kik messages back with Kik History. This is a great tool to use in case you accidentally delete your previous chats and want to recover them. You can also use it as an online backup of all your conversations and the media that was shared in your chats.

Kik History is a web based app that allows you to search through all your chats, contacts and messages on Kik. It even lets you see deleted Kik messages and view their full history. The image gallery even lets you see who sent what photos and to whom. The app also offers a chatbot for searching for content from within the messaging app itself, but it does not allow you to save anything from there. The web based version on the other hand allows you to save content, but is not available for mobile devices yet.

The app uses a database that is constantly updated with new information from Kik Messenger so it will work even if the person has already deleted their account or moved on to another device. You can search for someone by their username or phone number and find out if they have been active recently or have any old messages saved that might be relevant to what you are looking for right now.

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FAQ About How To Get Old Kik Messages Back

Can I Find My Old Kik Messages?

Yes, you can restore your old Kik messages if you follow the right steps. There are 4 different methods for this. Google drive restore, Android restore, Cloud restore, and restores that Kik records. If you want to learn how to restore your old Kik messages, you can visit our content.

How to Restore Your Old Kik Messages on iPhone?

You can restore your old Kik messages with Cloud feature on iPhone. Go to the Cloud app and access the folder with your Kik messages. And click on this “restore folder” option. In this way, your old kik messages will be restored.

Are Old Kik Messages Deleted Forever?

No, your old Kik messages are not deleted forever. You can restore your old Kik messages with Google Drive, Cloud, Android Backup and Kik history. If you want to learn how to restore your old Kik messages, you can visit our content.

How Long Does Kik Store Your Information?

Kik stores your messages for 90 days. It stores picture and video content for 30 days. When this period expires, Kik will automatically delete your messages and information.

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