Versatile Love: Can You Be In Love With Two People?

Can You Be In Love With Two People

The definition of love is usually passionate and exciting love for a person. Sometimes relationships can get complicated and you may turn to other people besides your partner. This situation sometimes gets so complicated that your interest rate for two people may increase. There may even be passionate feelings towards the second person.

So Can You Be In Love With Two People? Victoria Milan has prepared a content for you today! And in this content “Can You Be In Love With Two People?” explored the subject. In this way, you can better understand this situation and take more correct steps. If you’re ready, here we go! Here is the content which we prepared for you!

Can You Be In Love With Two People

What Does It Mean to Fall in Love with a Person?

Let’s start with the definition of love first and find out what it means to be in love. Love is the deep affection, passion, excitement and happiness felt towards a person. Falling in love is the deep, exciting and passionate feelings you have for your partner. You always want to spend time with your partner, time flies quickly when you are together and you constantly think about your partner.

This situation is also explained by psychology in this way. If you have these feelings, it means you are in love with that person. So, can this also apply to the second person? Can You Be In Love With Two People? So now let’s compare love and fall in love.

What Is Love And What Is It Different From Fall In Love?

The definition of love is not as sharp and clear as fall in love. Because the definition of the feeling of love is very broad. A person can feel love for a friend, family, or even a tree. For this reason, the definition of love is confused with fall in love.

When we look at the definition of love in terms of relationships, a person can be affectionate and interested in another person. But it may not be exactly fall in love. Psychology has stated that the feeling of fall in love can generally be felt towards a single person. Therefore, it is highly unlikely or very unlikely that you will fall in love with two people at the same time.

However, sometimes the monotony of relationships can cause a desire for attention to different people. And the attention from the second partner can lead to liking and affection. But that doesn’t mean you are in love with two people. Now, let’s explain this situation with a deeper look.

Can You Be In Love With Two People?

Sometimes things can get messy in relationships and feelings for a different person can arise. We talked about the difference between love and fall in love. And often the biggest mistake people make is not being able to distinguish the two.

Sometimes people may like and be attracted to the attention of different people. This interest can even turn into a love. As we said before, love is a very broad definition and a person can even feel love towards a tree. Therefore, first of all, the difference between these two concepts should be understood.

Can You Be In Love With Two People? Let’s explain your question. Actually, yes, people can fall in love with two people at the same time. In fact, W.Whitman said, “You can absolutely fall in love with two people at the same time”. The important thing is just to be able to understand whether it is a love or a fall in love affair.

So Why Be In Love With Two People?

People can fall in love with another person at the same time. Because every person is different and in this case, you can fall in love with different features of people. For example, a person may fall in love with the beauty and thoughtfulness of a partner and at the same time fall in love with the intelligence and sexiness of another person.

So people can fall in love with different features. Therefore you can in love with two people at the same time. This is actually a situation outside of today’s relationships. And if you are in love with two people at the same time, you may have a polyamory personality.

Polyamory is the state of love or affection that a person feels for more than one person. And the type of relationship that polyamory people live is called Polyamorous. Let’s go into some more detail about Polyamory if you want.

What is Polyamory?

Multiple relationships consist of people who have more than one lover. In this type of relationship, it is when you have multiple intentional and intimate relationships with different people at the same time.The only specific definition of a multiple relationship is that it includes multiple lovers. They don’t always have to be serious lovers or just sexual lovers. As long as you have multiple partners apart from each other and are both willing and aware of it, it is Polyamory. For more and detailed information about Polyamory, you can visit our “Polyamorous: Circle of Love” content.

Can You Be In Love With Two People

So Can You Be In Love With Someone Else While You’re In A Relationship?

You may fall in love with someone else unplanned while you already have a partner. Sometimes you can feel intense feelings for two people at the same time and think that you are in love. But as we said before, it can be love and excitement rather than fall in love.

So maybe the person you fell in love with could be your Crush. If you are in a long-term relationship and you feel these feelings towards a new person, perhaps your long-term relationship has become monotonous.

And that’s why you may be feeling these feelings for a different person. Therefore, you should analyze these feelings well. Returning to our topic, it can be challenging to encounter such a situation when you have a partner.

In fact, we can say that this is why cheating happens. This is actually a choice and it’s up to you. So if you in love with two people, you have to decide what to do. Now, “If you in love with two people, what should you do?” Let’s answer the question.

If You In Love With Two People, What Should You Do?

If you If you in love with two people, there are some things you should do and know first. And we wrote them step by step for you. Let’s take a look at these steps together.

Sit Quietly And Just Think

If you in love with two people, you should first sit down and think. You have to understand the situation you are in and find the right path for you. Being in such a situation can be frustrating. And it may even cause you to ponder over confusion. But all you have to do is actually stay calm and think. The second thing you need to do after thinking hard is to analyze the situation!


If you in love with two people, the second thing you should do is analyze the situation you are in. This may lead you to a better path. For example, you can understand this by starting to make sense of the feelings inside you. But what we mean by meaning is that you find the definition and cause of these feelings.

Therefore, first of all, analyze why your feelings arise and if you are really in love, first of all, analyze them. As we said before, maybe these feelings were just due to a state of interest, that you like it. Or maybe the relationship you’re in is starting to get boring and you might like the attention of new people. So the feelings you’re feeling might actually just be a Crush situation. That’s why you need to recognize your feelings and find out why.

Make Sure

If you think you are in love with two people, you should be sure of that. We learned that we had to analyze first. Now it’s time to be sure about these feelings. If you are sure that you have analyzed it thoroughly and indeed if you in love with two people, you should be sure of this as well. So what we really mean is do one last check and make sure of that. This way, you can make better decisions.

Can You Be In Love With Two People


If you in love with two people, you have to decide what path you want to follow. You have 3 different options in front of you. The first is to continue with your current partner. The second is to break up with your current partner and start a relationship with the other person.

And the third is to have a relationship with both. We know that third is the best option that sounds good. Of course, such a relationship may be the dream of many people. However, the Polyamory relationship type is not a relationship type that everyone will accept.

Therefore, if you want the third option, you must convince both partners. This can often result in negative results. However, you are one of the people who know your partner best, and if he/she will accept such a relationship, you can talk to him/her about this issue.

But in such a situation, you can experience frustration, so if you have such a thought, you should also take the risk of losing him/her. Because in such a case, the result will probably be that you break up. In addition, if we assume that the current partner accepts, the other partner must also accept this situation. Therefore, in fact, a conflicting process may be waiting for you.

Coming back to our first and second options, you actually have to decide here. Do you really want your current relationship or do you still have feelings and love? Ask yourself many questions like these and think about it. Afterwards, if you think which decision is the right one for you, turn to it. And take a step towards it.

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