How To Deal With A Serial Cheating Husband?: We Explain It Step By Step!

How To Deal With A Serial Cheating Husband,serial cheating in marriage

Being cheated on is a very common occurrence for many people. It is the preferred route by unfaithful partners. And of course, this situation is sad and hurtful. If you have encountered such a situation and you do not know what to do. Today we will talk about what you need to do.

“How To Deal With A Serial Cheating Husband?” by Victoria Milan. We explain what you need to do when you encounter such a situation with our content. Here is our “How To Deal With A Serial Cheating Husband” content we prepared for you.

How To Deal With A Serial Cheating Husband,serial cheating in marriage

1- Knowing What to Do

Before the thinking about “How To Deal With A Serial Cheating Husband”, you should learn to control yourself correctly. Of course, in this case, we are not talking about suppressing yourself. In such a situation, we are talking about what you should do for your own good. First, let’s find out what you need to do for this.

1 .1 – Don’t Waste Time Blaming Yourself

Blaming yourself won’t change anything. No reason is valid for your spouse to cheat on you. Even if your partner is going through tough times, this is not a reason to cheat. Therefore, “If I had done this, this would not have happened!” If you have such thoughts, this will not be the right step for you.

There are mistakes in every relationship, the important thing is not to punish them for these mistakes! The important thing is to find a solution for these. We can explain this issue with an example.

For example, you were involved in a car accident and the other car hit you. And in this case, consider that 90% of the fault belongs to the other party. In that case, why did the car hit you and would you blame yourself that it was your fault?

Maybe yes, you can find some fault in yourself, but this is only a small part. But you focus more on healing yourself, not what caused the car accident, right? So don’t blame yourself if your partner cheated.

1.2 – Thinking of the Third Person

Thinking about the third person will only lead to a dead end. Don’t compare yourself to her or give up thoughts like confronting her. Such thoughts will only harm you.

1.3 – Trying to Make It Logical

Don’t try to make sense of your husband cheating on you. There is no logical answer to cheating. Even if your husband is going through a tough time, it is not a reason for him to cheat on you. And even if he wasn’t happy with your relationship, he should have broken up before he did. Therefore, don’t look for a logical answer for what your partner has done.

1.4 – Tell Only to People You Trust

You may be hurting and you may want to disgrace him. So don’t tell her friends, your friends or even your family about this. At the same time, you should also consider: If you want to forgive then what will happen? If you choose to forgive and you’ve already told everyone about it, everyone will look at your partner differently. For this reason, we recommend that you only talk to people who can help.

1.5 – Don’t Be Hasty, Be Reasonable

When you find out you’ve been cheated on, don’t tell him to pack his things and leave, or choose to yell at him. Don’t even tell him you want a divorce. You should avoid doing things because you might regret later and act rationally. For this, you can spend some time with yourself and think about it. And just focus on yourself.

1.6 – Don’t Punish Your Spouse

Do not insult your cheating husband and do not try to take away the things he loves. This may make you think that it makes you feel good at first. But actually this will make things more complicated and annoying. For this, you can spend some time alone and think. Talking about this situation in a way that hurts all the time will hurt both of you.

How To Deal With A Serial Cheating Husband,serial cheating in marriage

2 – Things to Do After Making a Decision

Yes, we have come to the second steps, which you need to do in serial cheating marriages! Now we will talk about what you need to do in the decision-making process.

2.1 – Notify Your Requests

Think for a long time and set your demands before you start a conversation with him! Don’t start talking directly about cheating and then make up with it. Be clear about your demands and state them clearly. If you want reconciliation, set a roadmap of what needs to be done. If you want to break up, find a lawyer and file for divorce.

2.2 – Give Time To Your Relationship

If you have decided to forgive your husband, give time to your relationship. You can’t expect things to get better right away. You can’t forgive your partner in a day either, so move slowly and wait for your relationship to improve.

2.3 – Release Your Feelings

Don’t hide your feelings and let them go. Let your partner know how it feels and how painful the situation you are in is. Don’t try to move on with your life as if nothing is wrong. In this way, you can move your relationship forward in a positive direction.

2.4 – Ask the Questions What You Want to Ask

If you have questions about your spouse cheating on you, do not hesitate to ask them these questions. If you want to know how it started, how many times it has happened, and since when, ask him these questions. These questions may cause you to relax. But sometimes don’t knowing things can be the best option. Therefore, if you are going to ask these questions to your spouse, make sure that you will not be negatively affected by the answers.

2.5 – Let Your Husband Speak

Yes, you may be angry that you have been betrayed, and you may even think that listening to him is enough to annoy you. But you have to let him express his thoughts and ideas on this too. And to bring clarity to this situation, perhaps it would be a better option to listen to your partner. Let him express himself.

2.6 – Focus on Stronger Communication

Focus on improving our communication step by step. This will strengthen the weakened bond between you. Take care to be honest and open with each other. And avoid aggressive behavior as much as possible. Although this situation may seem difficult for you, it will actually make your relationship progress in a positive direction over time.

2.7 – Decide About Your Relationship

Decide whether or not to forgive your spouse and take steps in that direction. If you listened to your partner and explained your feelings to your partner, you must decide which direction to take.

If you have decided to mend your relationship, you need some time to do so. Don’t expect this to get fixed right away and let time pass. This may take years, or perhaps even a few months. What you need to do is to take steps in the right direction if you have decided to fix your relationship. If you have decided not to continue your relationship, start preparing for a divorce and take steps in this direction.

How To Deal With A Serial Cheating Husband,serial cheating in marriage

3- Rebuild Your Relationship

The next step of “How to Deal with a Cheating Spouse?” content is the step of rebuilding your relationship. In this step, we will talk about what you should do if you have decided to continue your relationship.

3.1 – Make the Right Choice for Yourself

Whether it’s professional help or advice from friends and family, no one knows what’s right for you. In this case, you have to decide for yourself what to do. If you have children, this can be even more difficult. Therefore, you decide for yourself what the right decision is for your family and yourself. Therefore, you are responsible for making the right choice for your own good. It may take some time to find the answer, so just listen to your own inner voice.

3.2 – Forgive Your Spouse And Your Relationship

Yes, forgiveness may not be easy for you. You may have gone through a difficult process and you may be a little worn out. It will not be easy to forgive immediately after coming out of such a situation.

But if you have made the decision to mend your relationship, you must take steps to forgive your spouse. Your forgiveness process doesn’t have to be immediate, and it’s even a bit difficult.

But to forgive, you have to go step by step and take the right steps. And as you take these steps, be honest with your partner and let him know if you want to forgive or not. Because being honest with your spouse will enable him to take more correct moves towards you.

3.3 – Create Times You Don’t Think About Cheating

If you have decided to fix and rebuild your relationship, constantly thinking about it will harm your relationship and you. Therefore, you should focus on spending quality time with your spouse. Focus on the things you enjoy doing together and stay away from things that make you think he’s cheating, both inside and out. This will help you repair your relationship.

3.4 – Value Yourself

After a very tiring process, you may be feeling worn out, sad and depressed. But you have to value yourself and take care of yourself. Remember, nothing is more important than you and your health. Don’t forget to eat three meals a day, get outside a little bit, and do things that make you feel good. You can even discover new activities to make you feel better. This way, you can make more positive progress.

3.5 – Get Professional Support

If you want things to go better, you can get support from professionals. Getting support from professionals is a healthier decision for everyone. In this way, you can take more correct steps and proceed more logically. This is one of the most important steps in our How to Deal with a Cheating Spouse steps. Therefore, if you want to be both a healthy relationship and a mentally healthy person, do not hesitate to get support from professionals.

3.6 – If Not, Don’t Force Further

If you’ve tried to win your relationship back and still can’t forgive your spouse, maybe it’s time to break up. Sometimes, some things are unforgivable and although it is sad, you must leave now. And remember, you tried to forgive and it didn’t work! Therefore, do not bore yourself and try not to upset yourself more. Therefore, if it does not happen, there is no point in forcing this situation further. Because you did your best.

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