How To Increase Women’s Sex Drive?

How To Increase Women's Sex Drive

Libido is the hormone that makes your sex drive come out. But if your libido is low, it can be a problem for both partners. And it can even put your relationship in jeopardy. That’s why libido level is important for every individual. If you’re asking, “How to increase sex drive?” there’s more than one way!

Victoria Milan has explored solutions to this problem for you today. In this way, women with low libido can discover solutions and increase their libido. We told you that there is more than one way to increase your libido, so let’s take a look at them together. Here is the “How To Increase Sex Drive?” our content.

How to increase sex drive


What you need to do to increase your libido are actually simple but effective solutions. In this way, you can easily improve your sex experience and relationship. Here is a general list of things to do to increase your libido. We will explain them in more detail in the continuation of our article.

  • Stay away from stress.
  • Reduce your alcohol consumption.
  • Focus on a relationship you feel secure in.
  • Pay attention to your sleep patterns.
  • Consume aphrodisiac foods.

In general, when you follow these rules, you will increase your libido level. Now, let’s examine these titles together in detail.

Avoid Stress

Reducing stress, increased female libido. Stress is one of the first factors in libido, as it is in every disease. If you have a stressful nature or life, focus on staying away from stress. You can do many activities to reduce stress. For example, through activities such as sports, meditation or yoga, you can reduce your stress and even remove it completely from your life. In this way, you can have a better sex experience.

Reduce Your Alcohol Consumption

Reducing your alcohol consumption, increased female libido. Although alcohol has a relaxing effect on our body, more than one glass will make it harder for your body to orgasm. In addition, it will negatively affect not only your libido, but also your body in many ways. Therefore, if you frequently consume alcohol in your daily life or if you have consumed more than 1 glass of alcohol before sex, this will make it harder for you to have an orgasm.

Focus on a Relationship You Feel Safe

A relationship that feels secure is increased female libido. This is one of the biggest reasons that affect the libido of most women. If you are in an place where you do not feel safe or in a relationship, your desire for sex will be less. This is one of the biggest factors for women. You should feel safe and comfortable. If you think you have a problem with this issue, you should talk about it with your partner and focus on finding a solution.

Pay Attention to Your Sleep Pattern

A regular sleep, increase female libido. A regular sleep will positively affect your libido. If you don’t sleep until late at night or sleep less than you should, it will make you feel tired during the day. And it even causes you to be reluctant about almost everything. That’s why it’s important to have a sleep pattern. A regular sleep will not only improve your libido but also make you feel better during the day.

Consume Aphrodisiac Foods

And we come to the most detailed and most important topic of our content! Foods! Aphrodisiac foods, increased female libido. We will examine this in more detail than others. In this way, you can make it easier for your libido to reach the desired level. Now, first of all, let’s learn what an aphrodisiac is.

What is an Aphrodisiac?

The general name of substances that increase libido in the human body is called aphrodisiac substances. The French word for sexual stimulant is aphrodisiaque. This word in French comes from the name of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and sexuality in ancient Greek Mythology.

As it is known, nutrition is one of the factors that determine our health. The situation is no different in terms of our sexual health.

The increase and decrease in libido may be due to hormonal changes, as well as to the foods eaten. From past to present, aphrodisiac-effective foods have been consumed to increase sexual desire.

Aphrodisiac foods mostly increase libido by affecting the hormone metabolisms in the body. Testosterone, which is the primary trigger of sex drive in both men and women, is one of them.

Again, through the axes of endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine, which are the hormones of happiness, they help couples get closer to each other and increase their feelings of liking.

In short, they can provide significant effects on libido with effects on both the glands and brain chemistry of the person. Another effect mechanism of aphrodisiac foods can be through the way we call placebo.

Aphrodisiacs For Women



Which Foods Are Aphrodisiacs For Women And Increase Sexual Desire?

Now that we have learned what aphrodisiac is and what it does, we can move on to our new topic. As we said, aphrodisiac increase female libido. And foods containing aphrodisiacs are as follows.


Considering the amount of zinc it contains, caviar has been used as an aphrodisiac for many years, especially in men. It is also known that caviar improves sperm quality.


Almonds, which increase testosterone levels due to its richness in zinc, have a high aphrodisiac effect especially for women.


Chocolate, which is one of the foods with aphrodisiac effect, also secretes serotonin, which is the happiness hormone, especially when dark chocolate is consumed. It also increases sexual pleasure with the phenylethylamine substance it contains. Again, thanks to the caffeine it contains, it allows us to be in a more active mood.


Pomegranate, one of the most well-known aphrodisiacs since ancient times, increases sexual desire by increasing the testosterone hormone. In addition, thanks to the antioxidant substances it contains, it facilitates the release of nitric oxide. Since nitric oxide is a substance that facilitates circulation and relaxes the vascular wall, it has a positive effect on libido.

Chili peppers

Chili pepper, which is a hot pepper, accelerates blood circulation with the capsaicin substance it contains, making you feel more energetic and ready for sexual intercourse. It also triggers the body to release endorphins and adrenaline, making the person ready for sexual intercourse.


Ginseng, which is shown among the foods with the most aphrodisiac effect, is one of the foods that increase testosterone, sperm amount and sexual power, especially in men. It shows its effect in women through the flavonoids it contains and is especially recommended for decreased libido after menopause.


Vanilla, which has a wonderful scent, has a strong aphrodisiac effect when used in incense, candles and fragrances.


Banana, high potassium-containing banana, is one of the foods with high aphrodisiac effect. Especially when consumed with chocolate, its effect increases much more.


Honey, which is one of the foods with high aphrodisiac effect, increases sexual power. It also balances estrogen and testosterone hormones.


Saffron is a food with an extremely strong aphrodisiac effect for both men and women. Saffron, which improves sperm quality, especially in men, is used in meals.


This spice, which is used to flavor dishes and pastries such as nutmeg and saffron, has been shown to be a powerful aphrodisiac, especially for women.

Clove and Cinnamon

Cloves and cinnamon, these two, which are mostly inseparable, each have a very high aphrodisiac effect. For women, consumption of cinnamon, cloves and sage together increases both the relaxing effect and the aphrodisiac effect.


Strawberry, which stands out among the fruits with its high vitamin C, also contributes to libido by supplying this vitamin, which is necessary for all chemical processes in the body.


Asparagus, which is known for giving energy to the body, has a feature that increases sexual desire.


Hazelnut, one of the known energizing foods, increases sexual desire with vitamin E in it.

One Final Note: Go to the Doctor

If the solutions in our content, did not work, we recommend that you go to the doctor. Sometimes hormonal disorders are not related to nutrition or life. And the best way to solve this problem is to turn to professionals. Professionals will help you solve your problems in the best way possible.

That’s all for now, Victoria Milan’s “How To Women’s Increase Sex Drive?” content! If you are looking for more content like this, you can visit Victoria Milan’s blog and stay tuned.

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Increase Libido

FAQ About How To Women’s Increase Sex Drive?

What Activities Increase Libido?

Yoga, meditation and doing sports increase female libido. With these activities, you will have a healthier body and a healthier brain. Stress is one of the biggest factors affecting libido. Therefore, a healthy life during the day will increase your libido.

What Should I Do to Increase My Libido?

These activities increase female libido. In this way, you can have a better sex life.

  • Stay away from stress.
  • Reduce your alcohol consumption.
  • Focus on a relationship you feel secure in.
  • Pay attention to your sleep patterns.
  • Consume aphrodisiac foods.

Does Aphrodisiac Cause Women’s Libido to Increase?

Yeah! If you have a low libido, you can consume foods containing aphrodisiacs. Foods containing aphrodisiacs, increased female libido. And it helps you achieve a healthier hormonal balance. To learn more about foods containing aphrodisiacs, visit our content.

What Foods Contain Aphrodisiacs?

Foods containing aphrodisiacs, increased female libido. These foods are:

Caviar, Almond, Chocolate, Pomegranate, Chilli, Ginseng, Vanilla, Banana, Honey, Saffron, Nutmeg, Clove and Cinnamon, Strawberry, Asparagus, Hazelnut.

Can Foods Increase Libido?

Yes, of course! Foods containing aphrodisiacs, increased female libido. In this way, if your libido is low, you can avoid it. For more information about foods containing aphrodisiacs, you can take a look at our content.

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