Multiple Lives: How Do Polyamorous Relationships Work?

How Do Polyamorous Relationships Work

Although the monogamous relationship model is common today, there are also different types of relationships. Polyamorous relationship type is one of them. Polyamorous relationship means non-monogamous type of relationship. It consists of three or more partners. But this is different from other types of multiple relationships. And the way it works is also different.

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How Do Polyamorous Relationships Work,Polyamorous Relationship

What is Polyamorous?

Before Polyamorous relationship, let’s learn what is Polyamorous together. Polyamorous is a type of relationship consisting of 3 or more partners. Partners can be entirely composed of all gender groups. And it could even be in an all-male or all-female group.

All partners in the polyamory relationship group are aware of this situation. And the relationship is lived between these people. Polyamorous relationship is different from other multiple relationships. Because they have an emotional relationship. Also, partners can only have sex with members of the group.

Having sex with someone outside the group is considered cheating. This is why it differs from other types of multiple relationships. Let us now examine this type of relationship in more detail.

How Do Polyamorous Relationships Work?

As we said before, a Polyamorous relationship consists of 3 or more partners. Partners are emotionally attached to each other. And the relationship is lived between these partners. The sexual relationship is also experienced between these partners and a different partner is not accepted. In a polyamorous relationship, the partners can be “girl-girl-boy” or “boy-girl-boy”. In fact, this type of relationship is also seen in LGBTQ individuals.

Partners can also be formed as “girl-girl-girl” or “boy-boy-boy”. So there is diversity as a partner. But as we said, there is a commitment of partners to each other and all partners generally know the others. But there are other examples of this as well.

For example, a person with Polyamory sometimes has relationships with their partners, but the partners are not aware of each other. Actually, this is more of an example of cheating. But it is called “Solo Polyamory” in Polyamory.

Apart from this, the Polyamorous relationship type is divided into three. These are;

Hierarchical Polygamy; Alpha is a partner oriented relationship.

Non-Hierarchical Polygamy; Every partner in a relationship is on an equal footing.

Polyfidelity; In a relationship, everyone is very dependent on each other and there can never be a relationship outside of the relationship.

What is the Difference Between Polyamorous Relationship and Open Relationship?

There are many differences between a polyamorous relationship and an open relationship. To best explain this, it is better to compare in a table. Let us now understand the differences better by looking at this table.

                      Polyamorous Relationship                                  Open Relationship
Partners consist of three or more people.Partners consist of three or more people.
Partners are emotionally attached to each other.Partners can form emotional bonds with anyone. They are not just interdependent.
Partners can only have sex with members of the group.Partners can have sex with anyone.
Having an affair with someone outside the group is considered cheating.There may be an emotional or sexual relationship with different people outside the group. And this is not cheating!

These differences explain the sharp lines between them. As we can see in the table above, there is actually a lot of difference between an open relationship and a Polyamorous relationship. These two types of relationships are similar to each other only in one respect. In case the partners consist of three or more people. Other than that, we can say that they are completely different.

How Do Polyamorous Relationships Work,Polyamorous Relationship

When Did Polyamory Appear?

There are many claims about the date of the emergence of the concept of polyamory. However, although it is not called a Polyamorous relationship, there are many examples of Polyamorous relationships in history. Polyamorous relationship In the early 1843s, some groups in America adopted the common relationship style.

And that type of relationship had become a part of their lives. The most well-known of these groups are Mormons. It was adopted as an understanding in the Mormon faith in 1843. Although the church rejected it in 1890, some fundamentalists still follow the tradition.

Leaders within the religion sometimes had more than 20 wives. But they generally had two or three wives. Because they adhered to the original teachings of the church, they aimed to have a large family or a combination of these. The second wave came to the fore again with the Hippies, one of the representatives of the sexual revolution, between 1960 and 1970. And after this period it has become even more common.

If we look at world history, we encounter examples of this in the ancient world. Concubines served these men, although not exactly as sexual partners of a man. In countries such as Rome, Ancient Greece, The Ottoman Empire, China, and Mongolia, rulers had concubines. And it has been observed that they sometimes marry their concubines. This means that polygamy in the world actually goes back even further.

Today, however, we can say that polyamorous relationships are common, although not excessively. In fact, polygamy is common in some Islamic countries. Male partners can have more than one female partner. In the United States, the rate of polygamous people is around 4% to 5%. In fact, although it may be thought of as a small ratio, it is quite a large number.

Are There Rules in Polyamorous Relationship?

In fact, as in almost every relationship, there are some rules in Polyamorous relationships. Partners don’t usually create a rulebook, but nearly every partner knows what to do and what not to do.

People living in a polyamorous relationship set rules over time, as in other relationships. For example, there may be some behaviors that partners do not like or approve of. We can say that this turns into a rule for them to stay away from these behaviors.

We can also say that Polyamorous is actually a multiple model of today’s monogamous relationship model. All partners in a relationship have trust, love and respect for each other. Partners are interdependent and do not relate to a different person from outside the group. Likewise, in terms of sex, partners cannot have sex with a different person from outside the group. This mean is cheating in polyamorous relationships.

Final Touch:

In line with our research, we have seen that the Polyamorous relationship is the multi-partner version of today’s monogamous relationships. Although the polyamorous relationship is not common, it is not an insignificant community. That’s why we think you’ve gotten rid of misinformation about the Polyamorous relationship. If you are looking for more technical information about the Polyamorous relationship, you can visit our “Polyamorous: Circle of Love” content.

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How Do Polyamorous Relationships Work,Polyamorous Relationship

FAQ About How Do Polyamorous Relationships Work?

Do Polyamorous Relationships Last?

Studies have shown that people in Polyamorous Relationships maintain this for an average of 8 years. Of course, this is a general average. It is useful to say that there are people who have had this relationship for many years or even their lifetime. It varies according to the wishes and determination of the partners in this group.

How Do Polyamorous Relationships Work?

It consists of three or more people. And group members are emotionally and sexually attached to each other. And group members can be of any gender. This is at the decision of the partners. To learn more about polyamorous relationships, you can visit our content.

Can You Cheat in Multiple Relationships?

No! In Polyamorous Relationships, partners are emotionally and sexually attached to each other. Having sex with a different partner outside the group is called cheating. Therefore, cheating cannot be done in Polyamorous Relationships.

How Common Is Polyamory?

The Polyamorous Relationships community makes up between 4% and 5% of the American population. Although this sounds like a small amount, but it is not an insignificant rate when viewed as a number.

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