Monogamish: Singular World, Plural Life


Have you heard of the term Monogamish before? Although it may seem like a word you are not familiar with, Monogamish is something we all know. Monogamish is the name given to monogamous partners. But there is another side to it. Today we’re going to dive deep into Monogamish and learn more about Monogamish. We will also explore whether the Monogamish lifestyle is beneficial for us. If you’re ready, here we go! Here is the content of “Monogamish” prepared by Victoria Milan!


What Is The Monogamish?

Monogamish literally means “monogamous person”. And Monogamish people never accept a different partner in terms of emotional attachment, but activities such as sex with a different partner are not defined as “cheating”. People are free to be with different sex partners. Well Human; Is it a Monogamous Species or a Polygamous Species? So let’s take a look at nature for the answer.

Marriage of Nature

Although there is no definite answer to this question; In general, Homo sapiens is a biologically polygamous, culturally/socially monogamous species.

The partner states of living things in nature have been determined by evolution with much sharper limits than in humans.

Even in nature, however, we see a wide variety of diversity: our close relatives, such as the chimpanzee and the baboon, and many more, are multi-partners and can mate with more than one male or female.

On the other hand, other primates such as gibbons and marmosets are monogamous and mate with only 1 male or female. However, the diversity is not limited to this: In some animals, males are polygamous, while in other animals females can be polygamous.

Moreover, the mating status may vary according to before and after mating. Some animals mate with a single mate and produce offspring; but then they look after those children with more than one spouse. Some other animals breed and build nests with only one of these, although they mate with more than one mate and produce offspring. In other words, we can say that “there is what you look for” about polygamy in nature.

Because the evolutionary history of every living thing is different; therefore, their biological, social, sexual and even “cultural” features are shaped accordingly. In other words, there are both Monogamous, Monogamish and Polyamory species in the animal kingdom.

Relationships In Human Nature

The situation is similar in humans. Humans, as the most intelligent animal species we know, also have a very complex social structure. Moreover, the fact that it has an extremely high cultural diversity, if not biologically, makes such categorizations even more difficult.

However, if we do not limit our analysis to any geography and examine Homo sapiens “as an ordinary animal species”, we can say that all our biological features are suitable for polygamy, that is, to mate with more than one partner and have children.

In contrast, the cultural and social structure we build on biological foundations almost always limits people to monogamy. In this matter, from a scientific point of view, there is no “right” or “wrong”. Societies and cultures have their rights and wrongs and they live accordingly.

When we analyze it scientifically, if you want a short answer, we can say that people are usually polygamous biologically, and generally monogamous sociologically (culturally and socially). However, because the situation within our species is quite complex, moreover, even the definitions of the terms “polygamy” and “monogamish” are not very clear, often scientists prefer to answer this question as “unknown” or “ambiguous”.


So Is a Monogamish Relationship a Good Choice?

There are many interpretations of the Monogamish type of relationship. Some people argue that monogamish is the best choice, others argue the opposite. In this case, this type of relationship is actually up to the preferences of the people.

When we examined it scientifically, the answer we actually encountered was “Unknown”. For this reason, individuals or couples should decide for themselves. It is a good choice if both partners embrace and accept a Monogamish relationship.

But for only one of the partners, this can be a problem if a Monogamish relationship is to be valid and the different partner is also uncomfortable with it. Even legally, it is a crime for people to sleep with other partners, and in this case, you may have a headache. Therefore, both partners must accept this situation.

FAQ About Monogamish

What Is a Monogamish Marriage?

Monogamish couples are monogamous. There is a deep and emotional bond between couples. In addition, partners are emotionally loyal to each other, but partners have the freedom to have sex with other people.

What is Monogamish?

In the Monogamish type of relationship, the partners are monogamous and there is a deep emotional bond between the partners. But when it comes to sex, partners are not dependent on each other and have the freedom to have sex with different people. This type of relationship is called Monogamish.

What is the Difference Between Polyamorous and Monogamish?

In a polyamorous relationship, people usually consist of a group, and within this group they are connected to each other both emotionally and sexually. However, in the Monogamish type of relationship, people have only one partner and are emotionally loyal to each other. As for sex, monogamish couples are not dependent on each other and are free to have a sex partner.

Does the Monogamish Type of Relationship Work?

It is up to individuals to choose the monogamish type of relationship. Therefore, the preferences of the partners are important. And this type of relationship can be a good option if the partners agree.

Can a Monogamish Relationship Work?

A monogamish relationship can go well if both parties agree. It’s risky if you want a one-sided Monogamish relationship and your partner is uncomfortable with it. And it could lead to your divorce. At the same time, as you know, sex with a different partner is legally considered a reason for cheating.

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